Friday, January 14, 2011

I heart my new iPhone 4!!!!!

So Santa was extreeeeemely good to me this year and got me the iPhone 4 and Goddam, this thing is as fancy as it gets! Please understand that my last cell phone was a flip open, number/letter pad to text and had a cracked screen in the front so I never got to see who was calling me. Talk about an upgrade! And the photos! Let me just tell you that this blog is going to be some eye candy for a while.

Speaking of eye candy:

"Gut's Flyer Girl"
8x10 watercolor

Gut has a show tonight (the 14th) and about a month ago, Bri had asked me to do a flyer for them. Actually, I planted the idea and he jumped on board. His only requirements was that it had to be "Fun". Hmmmm. A little too vague, but okay. So I do go down to their rehearsal space sometimes and yes, it's very testosterone filled with the lousy porn on the walls and there's never any toilet paper in the bathroom. (I learned a long time ago: Pack your own!) So, taking the rehearsal space as my lead and as we all know sex sells I went with this and this girl is definitely sexxxy! Here she is as a flyer:

Very easy really. I went to (wait, what you went where?!) Youporn! hahaha and watched some videos (I won't tell you how many and how I found myself there, because, really, that's none of your concern). I paused one in particular, put my tracing paper over the monitor and made the outline of the girl. Then transferred it to watercolor and had the laptop right there at my table so I could work it out. The flyer girl kind of looks like the video girl. Flyer girl is way more glam with her plucked eye brows and smarmy look as if she's the one having all the fun. Needless to say the boys LOVED it! :)

Wu Tang at the Wilbur Theater in Boston

I NEVER was one of those folks who pulled out their phone to take a picture at a concert. They never would come out and I could never stand the person in front of me doing it because he would block my view and no, the picture doesn't come out. But then when J & I were at Wu Tang on the 3rd of January, he says, "Take some pictures with your new phone" and wow, they came out pretty good!

Sleepy Luna

How freakin' cute is my cat???? I love her and have taken SO MANY pictures of her with the new phone. Of course she is my muse!

Wagon in the woods

On a hike in Holden, MA, Jason and I came across the remnants of a horse drawn wagon in the snow.

Back to the art:
So finally I've started what I've been wanting to do for a long time. And that's create images of insects that are usually considered creepy into big beautiful images. Ideally I'd like to do this on huge canvases but I have only so much space in the condo. So I grabbed some 16x20 canvases at a yard sale last year and because I don't have commissions going on right now, I started with a cicada. Cicadas are one of those bugs that you hear and hardly ever see. They are SO loud! And I'm glad that I don't see them that often because they are Creeee-peee!

First, I drew him on some layout paper to get the proportions right. Then did a transfer of my drawing on to the canvas. It didn't work out as well as it does with watercolor paper, but I could still see some of my outlines and that's good enough.

Here's my palette of color. I swear the iPhone makes the ordinary into some kickass images!

Once the transfer was made I went to getting the first layer of the cicada in. Now, I'm so used to working with watercolors and from what I understand, you can use acrylics like watercolor but I love the saturation you get with the acrylics. Paint with them like oils, and you can paint white over things and it stays white. What I'm finding is that I have a tendency to go back to the watercolor methods. It's not a bad thing, but I definitely have to get some getting used to it. So here's the first few layers of paint:

and here he is after some more and more layers:

My concern now is pushing it over the edge to an "Overworked Piece" which I do not want to do. I fear this piece now, don't know if it's done or not. Thinking of going into the background with more detail, but hoping that's not going to change the cicada and how he's so poised and ready to launch off this branch. But I will tell you this. There was a point when I was working on this, turned around to look at the clock and what time I should put supper in the oven and was like,"Holy sh*t! It's seven already?" Totally lost track of time and that hasn't happened in a LONG time! :)

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