Monday, September 9, 2013

lessons learned

I was thrilled when at my reception at Athan's, a woman who came said that she was going to buy "Retired Racer" (above). I had my friend John take care of sales and emails. She wrote the email on a list and now when I'm writing to tell her that the show is over and the piece is ready for her, the email bounces back. I have no other way of communicating with this person :(. I have posted on my Facebook page and have contacted other people that I new were at the reception, but no one seems to know who she is. She did take my card and information and I'm really hoping that she gets back in touch with me. I feel so embarassed and unprofessional. This like this shouldn't happen.

Please please please get in touch with me, CarolynWhoBoughtRetiredRacer! I wouldn't want you to think that I swindled you!!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's been a good week :)


8x10 inch watercolor
I'm feeling very fortunate this week. The exhibit at Athans is getting nothing but praise from visitors and the press! Look here, there's a mention on! *
We had a great reception and I'm so happy 2 of my paintings have found homes!  We (John Q and I ) we're talking the night I dropped them off and we decided since my paintings need homes that we should help out the real animals that need homes. We, Unbound Artists, are donating 10% of the sales made at this exhibit. The Ellen Gifford Cat Shelter ** was the obvious choice because they are right in Brighton. The exhibit is up until Labor Day weekend. Athans has a great menu for lunch/dinner and the eclairs are definitely worth the cheat!

Above is a painting that I just finished for my friend Angie. A wonderful woman that I met at Cocheco Animal Shelter benefit. We were both trying to sell our wares and hers was Barkin' Biscuit, homemade natural dog biscuits. At the time she had Bohdi, a gentle giant of a dog, with her. I did end up painting Bohdi not to long after that because Angie was the winner of my gift certificate donation!
Recently, Angie contacted me to paint Ella, a Sato dog from Puerto Rico. Ella is a goofy Rhodesian ridge back mix who only has 3 legs. Apparently as a pup, Ella broke her foot and when Angie took her to the emergency vet and they set the toes incorrectly. Poor Ella was in so much pain, she was so very shy and hid from everyone and everything. Angie and her husband Jon made the decision that to take off the leg was the only solution. Afterwards, it was as if Ella had come out of her shell. Angie said it took less than 2 days for her to fully recover and get accustomed to the missing leg. Angie wanted a full body of Ella, so you could tell that she had only 3 legs. They did the right thing for Ella.

Angie is also an avid gardener and and raises her own chickens for eggs and meat. She and I both agree that the healthiest and the TASTIEST way to eat is local and homegrown. Although I don't bake my own crackers as she does! So we are bartering for $250 worth of organic groceries. When I went up to visit her, and take pictures of Ella, I came home with 2 whole chickens 2 sets of chicken parts (dark and white), a dozen eggs, radishes, zucchini, lettuces, hot peppers, dill relish, summer squash, dilly beans (which were freakin' awesome!) and some jalapeno jelly. I have 2 more trips up!

I love a good barter!



Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So the last Sunday, we had the Insperable Companions reception and I'm thrilled to let you know that "Luna" and "Retired Racer" were both sold that night and 10% was given to the Gifford Cat Shelter in Brighton MA. Thank you so much to all who attended this great event! It will be up for viewing until the end of August.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Exhibit at Athan's Bakery in Brighton MA

Inseperable Companions is the name of the SOLO show that will have over 30 pieces of my work on display. Located in Brighton Center, Athan's is a cozy cafe, air conditioned and a great meeting place for those who want to take a moment out of their day for some sweets or coffee. The exhibit runs from now until the end of August with a reception on July 28th from 7-8:30pm. I really hope you can make it down!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Riverside Gallery Annual "Pop Up Show"

Easter Chic
5x7 inches
watercolor and Prismacolor pencils

5x7 inches
watercolor and Prismacolor pencils

I am excited to announce that these 2 pieces, "Easter Chic" and "Onyx" will be included in the Riverside Gallery's annual Pop Up Show this Sunday, June 23rd. Come in and check out the show from 4-6pm. All works are priced at $100. For more information check out the Riverside Gallery's Facebook page!/RiversideGallery?fref=ts

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just a couple of things to mention...

First, I would like to thank Paul B of Sterling MA who bought this woodcock painting that I did. Sterling is very close to where I like to hike on the weekends, so I brought the painting to him instead of mailing it. It was really nice to meet a collector and his family. And was kind enough to give me some plants from his greenhouse! Thanks Paul!

Which brings me to my situation. Paul found this image as a print first on eBay. He then contacted me about the original. However, eBay is charging me up the yingyang to keep this store open and I feel, despite this recent sale, this store isn't working for me anymore. So this is a post announcing the close of the Ebay store. And that if you are looking at a print to buy, then you should first contact me! or go to

Secondly, I am offering a special to the end of May. If you donate price of a portrait to the, email me the PayPal receipt, I will do a portrait for you of the appropriate size. For example, if you donate $250 (the price of an 8x10) email me the PayPal receipt and the photos of your pet and I will create beautiful art in a 8x10 size. Offer expires May 31st at midnight 2013.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The sun rises over Boston
(view from my porch)

Really still trying to wrap my head what went on this past week. If you know Boston, you know sports... It's kind of shoved down your throat whether you're into it or not. But that's okay... because really, routing for the home team is a lot of fun. Which is what Patriots Day really has become. Yes, we still have the reenactment of the Battle of Lexington... in fact there's always 2 guys dressed in the 3 corner hats riding down Massachusetts Avenue on horseback. The games, both Red Sox and Bruins, were scheduled. And of course, the Marathon.

I had tickets to that Bruins game. I was sitting at my desk (it's optional here to take the day off or not) and at around 3:30 - 4 a hoard of coworkers went by my desk to the conference room where the TV is. I followed them. NECN coverage, photographs from the scene. My coworker: "Holy shit, that's blood."

My neighbor ran the marathon. I was texting her begging her to respond to me. She did, about 30-40 minutes later. She later told me she was crossed the finish line 15 minutes before it happened and was eating a sandwich with her boyfriend at a local restaurant. I was calling the Garden, (I must admit here that I was a little in denial, "it can't be that bad.") to see what was up with the game. Got a recording that it wasnt' cancelled. Called Tracy who was at home (and was planning on going to the game with me)
T: No I think it's cancelled. Where are you?
C: still at work. Are you sure?
T: Chrissy, there saying there may be more bombs on the T
C; No way.
C; I'll call again.
T: Ok, on Twitter. Bruins page says its cancelled.
call back
C: Yep its cancelled...

After that conversation I just went home. Walked, mind you. I don't think I had it in me to ride the train. Jason was fishing (he had the day off). When I called him, we talked a little about what happened. He then told me it was his mum's birthday and would be going out to dinner with his family. I had to wait til 11pm to get a hug. What a horrible day.

Business as usual in Boston/Cambridge.... kind of. People a little on edge. Everyone asking each other, "are you okay?"

I'm not a big TV watcher. I look at the Internet a lot and will admit, a bit addicted to Facebook. Really, I don't think its good, but that's a story for another day. Instead, I listen to NPR in the morning. And it was Wednesday morning, when they played a recording of when the bombs went off. That's when it hit me:
the panic. You could hear it in the screams. fucking awful.
I also did yoga on Wednesday after work. I really believe that this alleviated my body of all the stress and tension that I had been feeling, not even realizing, these past few days. On my walk home, I noticed a small pink stuffed animal lying face down in the gutter. Oh, this just breaks my heart. Why? Because all I can think of is that small child that dropped it and is now having a meltdown because she lost her 'bubby' on the way home. I picked it up, brushed off the dirt and put it in one of the flower/plant displays that adorn our city on the 'islands' of sidewalk. And then just absolutely broke down. Sobbing. All the rest of the way home. That poor family. Those poor people. Why does this have to happen? Why here? Why do we do it to other people? What's going to happen.... now? Jason came home and saw me upset. I told him the whole story and he hugged me tight. sigh.

Better, but not yet perfect. But hell, I was really looking forward to Jason's gig at OBriens later that night. I really thought everyone could use a drink and some hard rock and heavy metal at this point. And it was fun. A lot of fun. Then at about 12am people hearing and talking about a shooting over at MIT about a mile away. People standing around, "what is this world coming to?" I had no idea that it was related to Monday's bombing. It got eerily quite except for the cop cars FLYING up Cambridge Street. Shit was going down.

Phone was ringing at 6:30am. I was thinking "who the hell is calling here" and by the time I got up to answer it, the caller had hung up. Oh, bastards. And yes, I was very hungover. It wasn't til later that I realized that phone call was a "Reverse 911" call telling us to stay in. Went back to bed for those precious 20 minutes before having to get up and get ready for work. Again, turned the radio on to NPR.
Holy Shit.
AND apparently my cell was on vibrate, so I didn't get the gazillion texts/calls from my mother. Woops. But I did call her at that point and told her that I was fine. I woke Jason up. And it was kind of surreal, this whole lock down thing. What was going to happen? I put Luna's harness on in case we wanted to get out, Fast. Lord knows I didn't want to have to deal with a cat carrier. And then we just waited. And waited. I painted a little... did some laundry. I felt like this guy could be anywhere... was he in my basement? But no, he was in Watertown. Hiding. Bleeding. In a boat that was in a yard for the winter season. And they got him.

I believe that the things that happened this past week is a real reflection on humankind. Both bad and good.  Monday was horrific, Tuesday was edgy. Will things be back to "normal"? No, never. I will never look at Copley the same way again. I'll always think of the people down there on the finish line who were witness to this madness. I'm glad to be a part of this town, for all of it's Massholes and Wicked Pissahs. That's what they mean by Boston Strong.