Thursday, December 30, 2010

As 2010 comes to an end.....

Well, looking back it's been quite a year. I've gone back and highlighted some great things that happened to me in 2010. Some have been small events, but nevertheless, great significance. I couldn't imagine my life without my beloved Jason who has supported me for 13 years in the quest to become a self sufficient artist. As well as my lover and closest friend, he's my best drinking buddy and loves the music as much as I do. I hope 2011 will see more and more great things happen ....

"Black and White Farm Scene"

5x7 black watercolor

"Love Bugs"

5x7 watercolor and Prismacolor pencils

There were plenty of commissions and certificates redeemed this year to keep me busy at the art table. But, I have to admit I love it when one of my portfolio pieces sells. "Black and White Farm Scene" was sold at the New England Arts for Animals show back in April to a woman in Cohasset MA. From what I was told, it reminded her of her horse farm when she was growing up. "Love Bugs" was sold to a man in New Orleans via for a Christmas gift. Thank you so much for supporting the arts!!

Montana was the trip of a lifetime. Mum had always talked about wanted to go ride on a working ranch so back in August we went! I had never been to that part of the country before and was just simply blown away from the scenery as well as the hospitality of the people there. Coming from the uptight Northeast, this was a breath of fresh air. And I got to gallop!

"Skull Still Life"
8x10 Watercolor

"Money Owl"

6" x 9"

paper and rubber cement

"View from the porch"


Wednesday Night Creativity is the greatest thing ever invented! LOL!! The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is open late and free to the public (but eagerly accepts donations) on Wednesday nights. I found out through a woman that goes to my gym that there's a drawing group that meets every Wednesday with a model at the MFA. So me and some other creatives went and checked it out. And it was a great way to get together after for snacks and cocktails. The last Wednesday of every month, however, didn't have a model but a still life instead. So in lieu of trekking all the way to the MFA we decided to rotate homes and once a month set up a still life or a creative activity to work on. No rules, but I "try" to work in mediums other than watercolor to break out of the box. Or work on something (for me it was texture and painting images of glass) that you felt you wanted more practice on. And of course, drink wine, eat snacks and chat chat chat. Unfortunately, Heidi, one of the "founding members" will be moving to NYC at the end of January but I hope that she continues the WNC down there with her new friends. All 3 images above are a result of WNC.

Jason & Al (of Beneath the Stone & Dr. Enemy)


Scott Healey (of Gut & Give Up) at the kit

Freakin' Allston Rock City!!!

There were some definite moments of music in 2010. I spent a LOT of time going out and supporting the local scene which I love. Gut lost their space on Denby Street (which was a sad day for sure) however, before they left, I got to hang out with these great guys and other bands like Planetoid. Scott Healey joined up with Gut back in February and played some shows out (some better than others). We also saw some great local acts like Gozu (awesome!!!!!), the Force and Black Thai. I was also blessed to see Who Carries the Lantern before they brought on a guitar player and after. (Much better after BTW). The best shows out of the national acts I saw were Thom York and the Atoms for Peace (actually got weepy at one point, it was so beautiful) and The Dead Weather at the House of Blues. The scene is alive and well every time you go out and support local music.

"Boylston Black and White"

5x7 first layer of watercolor

"Boylston Black and White"

watercolor and Prisma color pencil

"Boylston Black and White" I think was my favorite piece that I did in 2010. What started out as a black and white painting ended with color added in ONLY with pencil. Expanding on a technique and then the piece comes out as nice as this, well, it's a good feeling.

"Ollie Cat smoking a J"

This was done for my Twitter friend @gallaghermeow. The guy cracks me up on a daily basis. Between his posts and @feeaxilla, my music friend, they have made Twitter worth while. In fact, I would not have even KNOWN about that Atoms for Peace concert had it not been for a tweet by @feeaxilla. That and the Tweet Deck. God Bless the Tweet Deck! Seriously though, if you have something to sell you should be on Twitter. A friend of mine put it best when he said, "Facebook is all the people you used to know, Linkedin is all the people you currently know, but Twitter is all the people you WANT to know." You can follow me too at @cwinship!

detail of "Untitled #1103 (Daphne)"

Petah Coyne
It's always a treat to go to the Mass MoCA out in North Adams. It's way better when you see an exhibit like "Everything That Rises Must Converge". This, simply put, was awesome. She uses waxed flowers, taxidermied birds and lots of velvet creating huge installation art that is dark, beautiful and though provoking. Clearly a highlight of my year.
Roseboom, New York
Jason and I spent some time scouting the state parks in upstate New York this past year. We camped in the state parks and had some wonderful outdoor experiences including listening to late night owl conversations and lots of deer sightings. Lots of wild red raspberries too! We were up there Fourth of July weekend and went back Labor Day weekend as well. Jason went back for the shot gun season and bagged a young buck (which I had some for lunch today). As he says, "Scouting pays off!" Upstate New York is such a beautiful place and so wild still. This is where I want to retire someday.

My J

A lot of what I do would not be nearly as much fun as it is with Jason. Thanks for a wonderful year and on to 2011!

whoo hoo!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas time!

The Holidays are upon us! I have been busy, but I have to say not as busy as I was last year. I believe that people were hurting financially in 2009, but 2010 really brought it home. Maybe this year we can all take a step back and realize that we don't need to fill our lives with quantity, but quality. That's my Christmas wish anyway....

"Love Bugs"
watercolor & prismacolor pencils
I received an email and payment on Sunday morning that "Love Bugs" sold off Etsy! What a wonderful way to wake up! Thank you, Perrey!! I hope your boyfriend loves the painting!

Chrismas wreath 2010
Coat hanger, boughs, cranberries, paddle wire, dino stuffed animal and bell ornament
I finished my homemade Christmas wreath last night. I had extra strung up cranberries because our tree is a wee bit smaller this year. I usually string up 3 bags of Ocean Spray. You think I'm crazy? No way! It's the best way to watch the Pats game! Keeps your hands busy so you're not snackin' all the time either! The only drawback is that they do eventually turn into Craisins, which aren't as pretty. But I like how it's more simple this year. Dino is ringing his Christmas Bell.
Merry Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's that time of year again!.

If you look around you can't help but notice the Christmas season is upon us. Whether you celebrate or not, this is a time of year that can be super stressful to some, and really depressing to others. Remember, that Christmas is not about how much you can save at the mall if you go there RIGHT NOW! It's the anniversary of the birth of Christ in the Christian calendar. Now, I'm not a religious person, so Christmas to me is about spending time with friends, family, drinks, good food and of course pet portraits ..



watercolor and Prisma color pencils

Schuster's owner, Kristin, won my gift certificate that I donated to the PBRC (Pit Bull Rescue Central ) I actually got most of this painting done when I was sitting at Allston Open Studios so not only was it for a good cause, but brought attention to my work as well as the fact - yes, I do donate! and yes, I do commissions! I apologize for the poor photo, my regular 35mm camera is broken! I guess it was bumped around one too many times and now the back door that holds the film won't 'click' shut .. I'm not sure it can even be fixed. So Santa, if you're reading this :)

"Look Who's 10"

watercolor and ink

November 30th was my nephew's 10th birthday! The big 1-0!! Of course I had to make him a card. He's been taking drumming lessons and I think it's time to start introducing him to a little rock n' roll. In fact, I think the first time I heard Led Zeppelin I was 10... I remember my friend sat me down to listen to "Stairway to Heaven" because she thought it was SO cool that it started slow, got faster and harder and ended being slow again. It wasn't til high school that I realized how truly amazing this band was.... "Gallows Pole" being a particular favorite

Then last week the girls and I had a creative Wednesday making Christmas cards. I normally do a winter/themed watercolor and have it printed out. But this year I wanted to break out of the box, so to speak, but that's what creative Wednesday is all about. So I went back to one of my first loves: Collage. When I was a little girl, my sister did a collage in her bedroom of cut outs from fashion mags and such. Funny sayings - mostly about flirting. I wanted so much to be like her that I then did the same thing, but with pictures of animals. In fact, she would bring a Vogue or something home and I'd start cutting it up before she even looked at it. Later, when I took an oil painting class in college, the professor had us make our own still life with found objects and make a collage out of it. I still remember mine had an orange nerf ball. But this was an assignment to teach about color. ... So for Creative Wednesday, I found a bunch of magazines, a photo promo book and lots of old Christmas cards to cut away at (I never throw anything away!) Anyway, with out further ado, here are this years 2010 Christmas cards:

"Underwater Christmas"
paper & rubber cement

"Snowball Fight"
paper & rubber cement

"Santa Baby"
paper & rubber cement

"The Reverend Jackson Dreams of Christmas"


paper & rubber cement

"Pear Tree Christmas"
4"x 8"
paper & rubber cement

"Money Owl"
6" x 9"
paper & rubber cement

So there you go. The JP Christmas fair is tomorrow. This is the last fair that I will be doing for the year. I will need to start focusing my attention on Christmas commissions and then its on to 2011!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Keep on pluggin'

There's something to be said for consistency.....

"Scituate Harbor"
5"x7" watercolor & colored pencil
This art "career" of mine, it's like a swing. When I finished Open Studios, lugging all my stuff back into the freight elevator, well, it's just kind of depressing when you don't sell anything. All kinds of questions start going through your head. As in:
"Why do I do this?"
"What can I do different to make people notice my work?"
"Why don't you just take up guitar?"
and you go home and all your pieces are still in the big tupperware bin that you just through your back out lugging up to your 3rd floor condo..... sigh.......
then this happened:
I went to the reception for the New England Arts for Animals show. I had a hair appointment right after work so I was only able to get there for the later half of the reception (but I looked freakin' fabulous!) So while wondering around looking at the art work and sipping on wine I struck up a conversation with a woman who was by herself as well. * So we started chatting.. turns out she was a friend of Jill, the organizer of NEAFA. Told her that I was one of the artists exhibiting and when I told her my name, well, her eyes lit up with excitement and said,
"Oh, You're Christine??? You're work is beautiful! I love everything you do!" and went on to mention specific piece that she had seen of mine. And all I'm thinking is "woah! I have an actual fan!!" We ended up chatting some more telling her how I got started and all that. She was very nice and wants me to do a portrait of her caramel colored poodle once the holidays are over.
Needless to say I walked out of that reception feeling Pretty Damn Good. Doesn't take much, really. But I needed that. I follow Seth Godin's blog. If you're in marketing you should too. But one thing he said recently really hit home:
"Does your project depend on a miracle, a bolt of lightning, on being chosen by some arbiter of who will succeed? I think your work is too important for you to depend on a lottery ticket. In some ways, this is the work of the Resistance, an insurance policy that gives you deniability if the project doesn't succeed. 'Oh, it didn't work because it didn't get featured in that blog, didn't get distribution in the right store, didn't get the right endorsement........'
There's nothing wrong with leverage, no problem at all with an unexpected lift that changes everything. But why would you build that as the foundation for your plan?
The magic of the tribe is that you can build it incrementally, that day by day you can earn the asset that will allow you to bring your work to people who want it. Or you can skip that and wait to get picked. Picked to be on Oprah or American Idol or at the cash register at Border's.
Getting picked is great, but building a tribe is reliable. It's hard work and it's worth doing."
So I will keep plugging and building my tribe.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Allston Open Studios - Recap

It's like Christmas or a wedding day ... you get yourself so worked up, there's so much to do and then it happens *flash* and then.. it's over? Huh. Allston Open Studios felt like that to me. I did a lot of press releases and online marketing to get people out and about and come down. Not to mention get my stuff in order, hung and set up in a timely manner. There was some definite highs and lows to this show.

5" x 7" watercolor and colored pencil
The Highs:
The Allston Brighton TAB ran the press release that I sent them. I had also attached 4 images of different artists to run as well. Of course I sent one of my pieces but left it to them which one they wanted to feature, if any. Well, they chose my Luna piece to go in! I was very excited that my Tuna made the Tab! (she also caught and killed a mouse in my kitchen Saturday night - Best. Cat. in the World.)

And I had some friends come down and visit me on Saturday which was very nice. I was able to bring some work with me as well, (the great thing about watercolor, can be so very portable) so I think that got people interested in my art. I did have one woman talk to me about doing a portrait of her mother. I hesitated but told her to send me the picture anyway. WTF, right?

I attended the small reception for artists on Saturday night and Marilyn gave me a nod in her speech of thanks for the press work that I did. And it was very nice to meet the other artists in this space as well.

The amount of space given to me prompted me to go home and get more art that was framed to fill up the wall. I brought my acrylics too, which were all done plein air, and more of me just playing around. But I'm thinking it's open studios, sure why not?

Allston Open Studios.... the Right end of my set up

The lows:

Not a whole lot of traffic. At. All.

I sold 5 calendars for NEAFA and one magnet.

No one said anything about my acrylics.

The woman who I shared the space with was nice but she had her doggie with her. Don't get me wrong - you know I love dogs but he would bark constantly and aggressively when he saw another dog. It didn't make for a pleasant afternoon when this happened. And kept those pet owners out of our room. *grumble grumble*

And it makes me think that maybe I should branch out from doing animal art. Oh I'm sure if you know me or follow this blog at all this is a constant battle I have with myself. I'm selling, but painting pictures of kitty cats. I love to do it. But somewhere something inside of me says paint your feelings, your dreams, your bugs! ( I brought that up to one woman who then said, "Yeah, but I don't think that would sell!") I paint, I love to create - even if it is a painting of your dog.... Can you see that? 'Cause my vision is getting foggy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2 more days til the Allston Open Studios!

Don't forget! 119 Braintree Street, Allston MA 02134 I'm in suite 417!!! I really hope you come and visit me!!

Quinn dogs
8"x10" watercolor and colored pencil

I was able to finish the Quinn dogs on Tuesday! Seems everything is right on schedule. AND I was able to get back "in" the Allston Library show. *phew*. I had emailed the guy who I blew up at on Saturday ... well, not really blew up but anyway... I apologized for my behavior that I realized I had missed the date it wasn't his fault etc. So he emailed me back saying that the new director would be willing to take my pieces and would make sure that they got hung in the show! Back in!! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crunch Time!

Yes, it's crunch time! It's this time of year when I wish I could just take the time off from now til Christmas to get all my art and art related things in order. Alas, I can't do it, so sometimes things have to suffer:

For example (Heaving a big sigh here). The deadline to drop off my 2 artworks for the Honan Allston library show was the same as Halloween weekend. With Allston Open Studios (I had volunteered my time for media work), orders coming in, calendars going out... Not to mention my costume, which was awesome by the way..... Well, honestly I could sit here all day spewing a gazillion excuses but the fact is that I missed it. And when I went to email the contact that I would drop off my pieces the following week, well I never gave it a second thought why he didn't email me back. So I went to the library last Saturday to drop off my pieces... *buzz* no can do. You missed the deadline. I said, "But But , I emailed Michael on Wednesday that I would be here today!!" "oh" they said, "Michael's last day was yesterday" So to make a long story short, I will not be exhibiting my work there. I was so mad at myself and I think that's the worst feeling.

BUT Allston Open Studios is still going on and YES I will be there both Saturday and Sunday.

I will be located in Suite 417 at 119 Braintree Street in Allston. Plenty of parking!! Come visit me!

16"x20" watercolor

Finished KC last weekend and it went into the mail today! My client says that her and her husband are already arguing as to where to hang it! I never wanted to cause any trouble :) On to the next project:

Quinn dogs
first layer still in the works

The photos that she supplied are great and she wanted both dogs in the same frame. I think collies, shelties and horses are challenging because of those long noses. But I will keep you updated and let you know how it goes! Back to work!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!

Yes, the big weekend is here! And I have orders to paint! Of course I'm going to get crackin' but but it's Halloween and I have a faboo costume and MUST go out. Here in Boston the music scene does "Ghosting". What this means is that local bands (not cover bands, mind you) will pick an artist and sing all their songs for their performance. Last year we went to a Kiss ghosting although I must admit I was kind of disappointed that they didn't wear the Kiss makeup. This year, my plan was to go down to Great Scotts and check out Vostok 4 ghosting as Talking Heads and then hang for the Pill dance party (which is something I've been wanting to check out for some time). My friend, and Halloween pal, T, is a huge TH fan so I thought this would be perfect. BUT THEN... I just found out Church is doing a whole night of Guys doing the Girls with Lights Out doing MADONNA!! Did you know I'm a huge Madge fan???? Now you do! But I can't do both!! Both financially and I need to stay in one night and work on commissions (I'm working on one now that's a challenge and have 2 in waiting).... oh dear!! What am I to do??? :)

KC beginning
16"x20" watercolor
Here Kitty Kitty! A 16"x20" is always exciting and challenging for me, since I'm always working small. I am kinda having a tough time with this one. Some of the green has already bled into the white of the cat, and the cat is white. I've never used masking before so I wouldn't know where to begin with that stuff. And thank dog there was a big green cedar tree behind KC and not a blue sky because I suck at doing washes!! (A wash is the solid color without any dark spots, puddles or streaks.) So last night I spent more time on those green cedars and I have to remember to mix my palette not so close to the painting because some paint did fleck out of the well and nearly got on the kitty! Yikes!!

This past Tuesday we had a creative get together and carved pumpkins. I used a stencil (that I had made!) and it was of Elvis. Can you tell that it looks like the King? Kind of? Yeah, I agree. J said not really at all and gave me one of those "Nice Try" looks. The mouth reminds me of Mummenschanz which I always wanted to see when I was a kid.

So without giving it away....

This is my crown for my costume for Halloween. Ha Ha!! It's going to be great!!!! Have a happy and safe one!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I can sense it in the air.....

It's the holiday season. Because I've been having dreams of sugarplum fairies in my head. No, not really. My dreams are way weirder than that, but lets not go there.

The commissions are starting to come in. Ebay sales are picking up. I love those folks who realize that Christmas comes every year, and it happens pretty much the same time during the year. Actually the last time I checked it was the 25th of December. (sarcasm?) But this is great for me. I love not only the painting, the shows and the stories that people share with me about their pets, but there's something about knowing that when that day arrives that people are opening up their presents and there's their beloved pet.... in a watercolor.... by me. It gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling that I believe that's what the holidays are all about.

"Retired Racer"
5"x7" watercolor

Above, is a small painting that I did of a greyhound. I took the reference photo at the Bay Colony dog show that happens every year, usually the first weekend of December. They used to have it at the Bay State Expo Center in Quincy, but just found out that it's moved to Providence RI expo center. Anyway, this cutie was hanging in front of a Greyhound rescue table. I chose to leave the pillow and the background white because to me it gives a more "airy" effect. Especially when you normally see pictures and photos of greyhounds, they're running on air - not sleeping on it.

So a busy schedule ahead:

November 13th & 14th Allston Open Studios

November 13th through December 13th the Allston Art expo at the Honan Library in Allston http://http// Reception is Saturday November 13th. (I will not be at this opening as I will be working at the Allston Open Studios. If I could be in 2 places at the same time I would, but I learned a long time ago on Three's Company that this is impossible.)

November 18th New England Arts for Animals Members Show. Opening reception from 5pm to 8pm in the Fernwood Gallery (430 Washington Street Norwell MA ) The show will run until December 31st.

December 4th First Church of Jamaica Plain Christmas Show. http://http//

I hope to see you at least one of these events!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Allston Rock City

So Friday I got the news that long time local club Harpers Ferry is closing it's doors after 40 years of bringing live music to Allston. You don't know how much this breaks my heart. I love going to see live music and I love the fact that I had at least 3 clubs within walking distance to my condo. Harpers was one of them. Some think that the local music scene is dead or dying and I'm here to tell you it's NOT. In fact, people have poo-pooing the local music scene for years. I say: Pish Posh! YOU are the local music scene. The bands are there, and they are playing. It's YOU who needs to show your support by going out!! I've actually talked with musicians about it. The scene is this: Bands play, you go out and watch them. You have a couple of beers while your there and support the establishment that is hosting the show. You might like the band, you might not. But how would you ever know? Hell, the band could suck donkey but the bass player is hot and you just may have a lovely time watching him. You might be the oldest one there (who cares?) you might be the only girl there (Hey - shorter line for the ladies room!) but you got to get out there. There's so many places to see music. Make some plans this Columbus day weekend and get out there! SUPPORT THE ARTS!
So this is what I did this past weekend:

Black Thai

I went to O'Brien's on Saturday night to check out Black Thai and Gozu. I had only heard good things about these 2 bands. Above is a picture of Black Thai that I took off their website. The only name I know is Jim Healy (far left) and have seen his solo stuff

and his other project We're All Gonna Die and am a fan. I was happy to see this band too. They we're really good. The only thing I didn't like is that I really couldn't hear Jim's singing voice and it's really worth taking a listen to!


Gozu found me on Twitter and became a follower. I then checked out their stuff and it is Bad Ass! I now follow them and was ecstatic to see them down at OB's. It's hard, funky, and a whole lot of guitar! Love love love this band. If you like Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath or anything that's Groove Metal, you will love these guys.

Okay - back to the art. Christmas is coming and I've already started getting commissions for the holidays! Good sign! I was also able to get in some painting for my own portfolio AND dropped of my application for the Allston Open Studios. There's also going to be an art show at the Honan Allston Library and plan to show works there as well. New England Arts for Animals is having another members show down at the Fernwood Gallery in Norwood come this November and of course the JP First Church Christmas Art Show will be happening the first weekend of December. After that - a painting maniac I will be. Oh - and I still have NEAFA 2011 calendars for all those who are interested. I will be selling these for $10 a piece. Can I say it again? SUPPORT THE ARTS!!


5"x7" watercolor and colored pencil

Monday, September 20, 2010

September weekend.....

September is in full swing and after the melancholy that I was feeling a bit last week it was high time that I went out and did the things I enjoy doing. Remember, we're only on this ride once, better make the best of it!

I spent some time at the art table last week. Finished the painting of a Lhasa (maybe a bearded collie - I had taken the photo so long ago!) on Thursday night. Then J came home with the news that Gut is moving their rehearsal space out of Denby Street and possibly getting a space down in Southie! Oh NO! J & I were fortunate enough to go down to Denby (walking distance from the Allston SkyBox) and not only listen to some great metal by Gut but also got to know a slew of great musicians down there.. Dr. Enemy, Planetoid to name a few. Alas, it is the end of an era for us but the music won't stop. And it may be better that we cut down on our cocktail intake during the week :)

Lhasa in Black and White

5"x7" watercolor

This painting didn't take too long to do but I really pushed it over the edge and was able to bring it back. There's a fine line between done and overdone. This may fall into the category of overdone. When I'm not working on commissions, I tend to use things that I normally wouldn't use and in this case it was one big round watercolor brush that holds a TON of watercolor. I had done my "paint lines" in his ear. (I also find that I prefer to paint these types of dogs for the brushstroke mimicking the long hair.) I took the big brush, dipped into some grey tone and went over the ear. Because there was so much water in the brush, not only did the paper begin to warp a little bit but it made my "paint lines" into one grey mash mess. Oh crap. What do I do in these situations???? Walk away. Far away. So I did. Picked up a book on Hopper and started looking at his paintings.... Then went back to the painting, did a dry test with my finger and then went back over the grey mess with more "paint lines". Well, not as dramatic as I hoped I stopped painting after that and considered this work to be done.

Thank God it's Friday rolled around and J, T and I went to go check out Planetoid!! They're SO MUCH FUN!! They also played with Prospect Hill (God, they were awful!) and Onyx (they were fun but in a nostalgia kind of way)


I highly recommend these guys if you like what I like to call GrooveRock or GrooveMetal. Hard enough for the boys to rock, groovy enough for the girls to dance! Their shtick is that they are Time Travelers from outer space and they're here to over come the planet with their music. Yes, they just might succeed! LOL check out the Myspace page for more info

Saturday, J, S,R & myself went down to the Guru Room in Plymouth. Yes, Plymouth. If you don't know, this is a 45 minute ride to the South Shore and is a townie kind of town. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I think people should move out and experience somethings out of their 15 square miles of comfort. (Both mentally and physically). But we were down to support our friend P who was filling in as the drummer for the Kristian Montgomery project. Thank dog S drove because I needed beers to get through this. It wasn't that bad, just kinda boring. I mean, I like a music that's going to shake me up a bit. Edgy, hard, groovy, spacey..... this had none of that. I'd say they were like an REM on a bad day. Kris is a good singer and the band played well (especially my friend P - but I'm biased) but it had nothing to it. And the Guru room? WTF? The water tasted like rust! And they had this big LCD screen in the back that kept showing a loop of the same 10 pictures of a different band and drunk girls. Shut that sh*t off. It's distracting and doesn't help the band that's currently playing. Oh and speaking of drunk girls, the Guru room was full of 'em! You can dress them up, but you can't take them out LOL

And then it was Sunday

Sunday are horseback riding days and I like to go to Chrislar farms up in Rowley MA. I swear to God, riding is better than therapy. There's something about horses, getting dirty, riding them and being in control. If you've ever thought about riding and you live on or around the North shore, give them a call. Let them know you heard about them from me :)

This week is J's big bday!! Happy Birthday to my main man!! We're headed up to Vermont on Thursday after watching the triple bill of Deftones, Mastodon and Alice In Chains. So a short work week for me and it's going to be a hell of a good time - Yee Haw!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Does anyone go to art shows anymore???

If you keep up with this blog, you know that I was at the Charlestown Arts in the Park this past Saturday selling my wares and pitching my art along with about 30 other artistsans. And we all had the same question: Does anyone go to these art shows anymore???? The weather was beautiful, it was a Saturday in Boston. I think I saw at least 30 Duck Boats drive by throughout the day. Don't get me wrong, there were some people there and from those people I received a great interest in my work. And I'm not complaining... I'm just confused. Is it the economy? Is it the Internet with sites like Etsy, Zazzle and Ebay that makes it just easier to shop online? When I spent some time in Montana we were fortunate to come across the Sweet Pea festival in Bozeman. That was pretty packed. Maybe it's that there are so many around here (I know that the Boston Waterfront was having an arts fest the same day) that it doesn't seem so special. But then I went to the Allston Street Fair on Sunday afternoon and granted, there wasn't a lot of art and the stuff was there well, lets just say not the same caliber as mine (can I say that? yes, it's my blog) but there were plenty o' people there. I just don't know. Can you please comment on this blog and let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

Fortunately, I brought my sketch book with me and across from my booth was a couple of park benches. When someone sat down, I donned my sunglasses (so they wouldn't see me STARING at them haha) and sketched away.

Those that moved to fast or got up as soon as they sat down, turned more into doodles but there's nothing wrong with that either.
I'm currently working on a commission for a woman who is a returning customer. Her friend's dog, Glover, recently crossed the rainbow bridge and she's getting a pet portrait of him. He was such a chunky dog, but so cute! She said that he loved his fluffy chew toys and would always greet you with one in his mouth, so I kept one in the portrait. (it'll be between his front legs, still white paper here)....

Phase 1

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Somber Moment

I love the fall. I used to not so much because it was a time about going back to school (which I hated primarily because I HATE getting up in the morning). But now, for me it's a lot about reflection and the upcoming year. It's the whole school mind set, new school year... etc. I still dislike getting up before I'm ready but I'm realizing more and more that these days are numbered and we have to make the best of what we have.....

Two years ago today, my friend and coworker George died of a heart attack. I remember driving to work and it was 9/11/09 and on my way I pass an elementary school and all the kids were outside standing under a flag at half mast honoring those who died in the 9/11 attacks. I remember thinking that those kids weren't even born when it happened. It really depressed the hell out of me. And then about 20 minutes later I got the call about George. ....

Yesterday, I found out that my mom's cousin received a call on Sunday afternoon. They had found her husband on the side of the road (he had been on his daily bike ride) and was not breathing and they didn't know how long he had been there. They airlifted him to Dartmouth Hospital and there they kept him alive on machines. When they had spoken to the neurologist he said that J would not be able to breath with out machines and had pretty severe brain damage. His family decided to end his life.

Why am I telling all this? Maybe it's to make myself realize over and over again that this life we live is brief and fleeting. One second and it could change for the worse (or better!). You only have one and you better make it worth it.
*side note: J & I have been watching 6 Feet Under via Netflix. Great great series, but death is the constant underlying theme.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's this weekend!!

This weekend is the Charlestown arts in the Park! and I just checked the weather and it's supposed to be Bea-U-Ti-Ful!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way!! I haven't done this show before and I plan on showing new artwork in snazzy new frames and have more prints and magnets to offer! Hopefully I will have my New England Art for Animals calendars in hand as well. I have 11 left - with the proceeds going to NEAFA, what are you waiting for? :)

5"x7" watercolor and colored pencil
So this past Labor Day weekend, J & I spent some quality time in lovely upstate New York, particularly in the central region of the state. We visited Pateria and Milton state forests. With hurricane Earl just passing through to the east of us, the weather wasn't rainy as it was windy! We decided to eat out one night and happened on a restaurant in Oneonta. In the foyer there was a bulletin board for flyers and business cards. There we saw 2 posters one for Dex and another for Holly. 2 kitties that were looking for a new home because their owner was moving out of state. :( I don't know this person's situation, but I think that sometimes people are too quick to give up on their pets. Please, when you take an animal in your home make it a forever home. Best wishes for Dex and Holly.

English Setter
5"x7" watercolor and colored pencil