Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas time!

The Holidays are upon us! I have been busy, but I have to say not as busy as I was last year. I believe that people were hurting financially in 2009, but 2010 really brought it home. Maybe this year we can all take a step back and realize that we don't need to fill our lives with quantity, but quality. That's my Christmas wish anyway....

"Love Bugs"
watercolor & prismacolor pencils
I received an email and payment on Sunday morning that "Love Bugs" sold off Etsy! What a wonderful way to wake up! Thank you, Perrey!! I hope your boyfriend loves the painting!

Chrismas wreath 2010
Coat hanger, boughs, cranberries, paddle wire, dino stuffed animal and bell ornament
I finished my homemade Christmas wreath last night. I had extra strung up cranberries because our tree is a wee bit smaller this year. I usually string up 3 bags of Ocean Spray. You think I'm crazy? No way! It's the best way to watch the Pats game! Keeps your hands busy so you're not snackin' all the time either! The only drawback is that they do eventually turn into Craisins, which aren't as pretty. But I like how it's more simple this year. Dino is ringing his Christmas Bell.
Merry Christmas :)

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