Monday, August 25, 2008


The bad news is I have been suffering from vertigo the last week. Not so bad I can't drive my car but bad enough I need to hold on to the banister every time I walk up the stairs. I emailed my Dr and she said that this could last to a couple of days or as long as a month! It's been a week and 2 days and I'm sick of it :( meh make it stop. Not to mention Jason keeps singing the U2 song and that just bugs the crap out of me.

The good news is I finally sat down and got my Echo painting done! Only took like a month! Jees Louis! I did get an inquiry about 2 commissioned pieces. But she emailed me a picture of the picture to work from. Literally, took a digital picture of the framed picture she has on her mantel. I told her that she either needs to scan it or send the actual picture to me. I'm good, but I can't work miracles!!

I've donated a gift certificate and a painting to the New England Arts for Animals and their function. They're having an opening reception on the 6th of September, but it's like 1-4pm. I'm riding that morning and then weather depending will determine if I go to the reception. I'd like to go but summer's coming to a close and I'd rather spend my time outside if it's nice out. Am I bad like that??? :) Probably.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm feeling guilty for not working on any painting since August began. I think I'm loosing my marbles because of it. I tried last night when I got home. It began when I put a CD in the player that's in the studio (aka kitchen) and found that there was already a CD in there. I went to the living room with it to put it in the player that's in there. (it's an unwritten rule in my house that if you find a CD but no case, put it in the machine.) So when I went to open the player, I could hear CDs falling in the player and now the auto drawer is jammed. So now I go to get the CDs that were already in there. I unscrewed as much as I can thinking I was going to put this back together again, but ended up having to tear the front of it off to get them. All the while I'm thinking, "How the HELL does this happen?!?!" I mean, the living room player was a piece of crap anyway, but it still played DVDs. So this took some time and I ended up just going to bed afterwards. So no work got done and there's a 3/4 finished painting of Echo in a birthday hat that's been sitting there since July. I have to get it off my table, I'm so sick of looking at it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm looking forward to a short week

I am taking this Thursday off because I'm going to see Radiohead on Wednesday night and just hate going to work after a conert evening. I am also going to the Vineyard this weekend and just can't get to the beach fast enough.

This past week I've uploaded most of my portfolio on to Flickr, per the idea of my friend Tracy who is a Flickr junkie. But it was a good idea as I am recieving alot of feedback and even some questions about ordering paintings. So a BIG thanks to Tracy!! Here's hoping we make a connection.

I've also started a Facebook account and have found some old friends. I really want to start putting some stuff up there, too. But it will be awhile as I feel that I should finish with the Flickr first.

I'm also ending my mailing campaign this week. It seems as though what was a good idea has just cost me what feels like at least a thousand dollars in postage. I was able to get some of my work in a vet office in Miami. But I need more than that. I was reading on that mailing lists are a bad idea. Well, I had to give it a try I guess.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Scituate Hertitage Days

Well, this past weekend marked my 6th year anniversary of being an artist for hire for your pet portraits. Crazy that it's been that long. I have certainly come a long way from propping my stuff up with bricks and my prints wrapped in saran wrap! What the hell was I thinking!?

I made some money back which was always nice :)! A good portion was the raffle for a gift certificate for a 5x7 painting. I called the winner last night to get her mailing address and it took her a minute to remember what it was all about. I think she might be an elderly woman. I do hope that she redeems it.

It rained both days, but held out to the end and because I have my EZ up tent back (thanks Dad! aka Mr. I Can Fix Anything) I was able to put up a side on the back end and the paintings didn't get wet at all. The rains only a bummer when it scares all the people away. It's the wind that destroys my things.

If you are from the Massachusetts area and want a great summer festival the Heritage Days are always on the first weekend of August. The whole weekend is celebrated with alot of different activities including music, arts, a pig roast! there's a pancake breakfast in the church down the street. Tracy and I also went out for fried clams & scallops ooooh sooo good!!!

So this week will be just to fill in the holes of inventory and to clean up my apartment. I've been very busy trying to get things together for this show (it's like my mid summer restock & clean up) that my condo has been neglected and now looks like a tornado went through it.