Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm feeling guilty for not working on any painting since August began. I think I'm loosing my marbles because of it. I tried last night when I got home. It began when I put a CD in the player that's in the studio (aka kitchen) and found that there was already a CD in there. I went to the living room with it to put it in the player that's in there. (it's an unwritten rule in my house that if you find a CD but no case, put it in the machine.) So when I went to open the player, I could hear CDs falling in the player and now the auto drawer is jammed. So now I go to get the CDs that were already in there. I unscrewed as much as I can thinking I was going to put this back together again, but ended up having to tear the front of it off to get them. All the while I'm thinking, "How the HELL does this happen?!?!" I mean, the living room player was a piece of crap anyway, but it still played DVDs. So this took some time and I ended up just going to bed afterwards. So no work got done and there's a 3/4 finished painting of Echo in a birthday hat that's been sitting there since July. I have to get it off my table, I'm so sick of looking at it.

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