Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!

Yes, the big weekend is here! And I have orders to paint! Of course I'm going to get crackin' but but it's Halloween and I have a faboo costume and MUST go out. Here in Boston the music scene does "Ghosting". What this means is that local bands (not cover bands, mind you) will pick an artist and sing all their songs for their performance. Last year we went to a Kiss ghosting although I must admit I was kind of disappointed that they didn't wear the Kiss makeup. This year, my plan was to go down to Great Scotts and check out Vostok 4 ghosting as Talking Heads and then hang for the Pill dance party (which is something I've been wanting to check out for some time). My friend, and Halloween pal, T, is a huge TH fan so I thought this would be perfect. BUT THEN... I just found out Church is doing a whole night of Guys doing the Girls with Lights Out doing MADONNA!! Did you know I'm a huge Madge fan???? Now you do! But I can't do both!! Both financially and I need to stay in one night and work on commissions (I'm working on one now that's a challenge and have 2 in waiting).... oh dear!! What am I to do??? :)

KC beginning
16"x20" watercolor
Here Kitty Kitty! A 16"x20" is always exciting and challenging for me, since I'm always working small. I am kinda having a tough time with this one. Some of the green has already bled into the white of the cat, and the cat is white. I've never used masking before so I wouldn't know where to begin with that stuff. And thank dog there was a big green cedar tree behind KC and not a blue sky because I suck at doing washes!! (A wash is the solid color without any dark spots, puddles or streaks.) So last night I spent more time on those green cedars and I have to remember to mix my palette not so close to the painting because some paint did fleck out of the well and nearly got on the kitty! Yikes!!

This past Tuesday we had a creative get together and carved pumpkins. I used a stencil (that I had made!) and it was of Elvis. Can you tell that it looks like the King? Kind of? Yeah, I agree. J said not really at all and gave me one of those "Nice Try" looks. The mouth reminds me of Mummenschanz which I always wanted to see when I was a kid.

So without giving it away....

This is my crown for my costume for Halloween. Ha Ha!! It's going to be great!!!! Have a happy and safe one!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I can sense it in the air.....

It's the holiday season. Because I've been having dreams of sugarplum fairies in my head. No, not really. My dreams are way weirder than that, but lets not go there.

The commissions are starting to come in. Ebay sales are picking up. I love those folks who realize that Christmas comes every year, and it happens pretty much the same time during the year. Actually the last time I checked it was the 25th of December. (sarcasm?) But this is great for me. I love not only the painting, the shows and the stories that people share with me about their pets, but there's something about knowing that when that day arrives that people are opening up their presents and there's their beloved pet.... in a watercolor.... by me. It gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling that I believe that's what the holidays are all about.

"Retired Racer"
5"x7" watercolor

Above, is a small painting that I did of a greyhound. I took the reference photo at the Bay Colony dog show that happens every year, usually the first weekend of December. They used to have it at the Bay State Expo Center in Quincy, but just found out that it's moved to Providence RI expo center. Anyway, this cutie was hanging in front of a Greyhound rescue table. I chose to leave the pillow and the background white because to me it gives a more "airy" effect. Especially when you normally see pictures and photos of greyhounds, they're running on air - not sleeping on it.

So a busy schedule ahead:

November 13th & 14th Allston Open Studios

November 13th through December 13th the Allston Art expo at the Honan Library in Allston http://http// Reception is Saturday November 13th. (I will not be at this opening as I will be working at the Allston Open Studios. If I could be in 2 places at the same time I would, but I learned a long time ago on Three's Company that this is impossible.)

November 18th New England Arts for Animals Members Show. Opening reception from 5pm to 8pm in the Fernwood Gallery (430 Washington Street Norwell MA ) The show will run until December 31st.

December 4th First Church of Jamaica Plain Christmas Show. http://http//

I hope to see you at least one of these events!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Allston Rock City

So Friday I got the news that long time local club Harpers Ferry is closing it's doors after 40 years of bringing live music to Allston. You don't know how much this breaks my heart. I love going to see live music and I love the fact that I had at least 3 clubs within walking distance to my condo. Harpers was one of them. Some think that the local music scene is dead or dying and I'm here to tell you it's NOT. In fact, people have poo-pooing the local music scene for years. I say: Pish Posh! YOU are the local music scene. The bands are there, and they are playing. It's YOU who needs to show your support by going out!! I've actually talked with musicians about it. The scene is this: Bands play, you go out and watch them. You have a couple of beers while your there and support the establishment that is hosting the show. You might like the band, you might not. But how would you ever know? Hell, the band could suck donkey but the bass player is hot and you just may have a lovely time watching him. You might be the oldest one there (who cares?) you might be the only girl there (Hey - shorter line for the ladies room!) but you got to get out there. There's so many places to see music. Make some plans this Columbus day weekend and get out there! SUPPORT THE ARTS!
So this is what I did this past weekend:

Black Thai

I went to O'Brien's on Saturday night to check out Black Thai and Gozu. I had only heard good things about these 2 bands. Above is a picture of Black Thai that I took off their website. The only name I know is Jim Healy (far left) and have seen his solo stuff

and his other project We're All Gonna Die and am a fan. I was happy to see this band too. They we're really good. The only thing I didn't like is that I really couldn't hear Jim's singing voice and it's really worth taking a listen to!


Gozu found me on Twitter and became a follower. I then checked out their stuff and it is Bad Ass! I now follow them and was ecstatic to see them down at OB's. It's hard, funky, and a whole lot of guitar! Love love love this band. If you like Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath or anything that's Groove Metal, you will love these guys.

Okay - back to the art. Christmas is coming and I've already started getting commissions for the holidays! Good sign! I was also able to get in some painting for my own portfolio AND dropped of my application for the Allston Open Studios. There's also going to be an art show at the Honan Allston Library and plan to show works there as well. New England Arts for Animals is having another members show down at the Fernwood Gallery in Norwood come this November and of course the JP First Church Christmas Art Show will be happening the first weekend of December. After that - a painting maniac I will be. Oh - and I still have NEAFA 2011 calendars for all those who are interested. I will be selling these for $10 a piece. Can I say it again? SUPPORT THE ARTS!!


5"x7" watercolor and colored pencil