Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!

Yes, the big weekend is here! And I have orders to paint! Of course I'm going to get crackin' but but it's Halloween and I have a faboo costume and MUST go out. Here in Boston the music scene does "Ghosting". What this means is that local bands (not cover bands, mind you) will pick an artist and sing all their songs for their performance. Last year we went to a Kiss ghosting although I must admit I was kind of disappointed that they didn't wear the Kiss makeup. This year, my plan was to go down to Great Scotts and check out Vostok 4 ghosting as Talking Heads and then hang for the Pill dance party (which is something I've been wanting to check out for some time). My friend, and Halloween pal, T, is a huge TH fan so I thought this would be perfect. BUT THEN... I just found out Church is doing a whole night of Guys doing the Girls with Lights Out doing MADONNA!! Did you know I'm a huge Madge fan???? Now you do! But I can't do both!! Both financially and I need to stay in one night and work on commissions (I'm working on one now that's a challenge and have 2 in waiting).... oh dear!! What am I to do??? :)

KC beginning
16"x20" watercolor
Here Kitty Kitty! A 16"x20" is always exciting and challenging for me, since I'm always working small. I am kinda having a tough time with this one. Some of the green has already bled into the white of the cat, and the cat is white. I've never used masking before so I wouldn't know where to begin with that stuff. And thank dog there was a big green cedar tree behind KC and not a blue sky because I suck at doing washes!! (A wash is the solid color without any dark spots, puddles or streaks.) So last night I spent more time on those green cedars and I have to remember to mix my palette not so close to the painting because some paint did fleck out of the well and nearly got on the kitty! Yikes!!

This past Tuesday we had a creative get together and carved pumpkins. I used a stencil (that I had made!) and it was of Elvis. Can you tell that it looks like the King? Kind of? Yeah, I agree. J said not really at all and gave me one of those "Nice Try" looks. The mouth reminds me of Mummenschanz which I always wanted to see when I was a kid.

So without giving it away....

This is my crown for my costume for Halloween. Ha Ha!! It's going to be great!!!! Have a happy and safe one!!

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Antonio Estevez said...

Can't wait to see how the kitty comes out. Have fun on Halloween!