Monday, February 23, 2009

Sign of the Times

I received a call on my cell phone on Thursday night at quarter to 10pm. (??) In my life, this just hardly happens. It was one of the coordinators from the Andover Crafts in the Park who was wondering if I was able to download the application for the fair on her email, as she had not yet recieved it from me. Hmmmmmm. I told her that, yes I did recieve it but unfortunately I wasn't going to do her show that weekend. She asked me "Is it the ECONOMY???" Well, yes. In a roundabout way. I think that these art shows were kind of fazing out in attendance anyway. I did this show last year and didn't make a profit, and never recieved any commissions from it. It was time for me to move on to another one. But I did say it was the economy. I did tell her that I didn't do well at the show before either.

What's interesting to me is that if this woman is calling me asking about my application, it probably means that a lot of people haven't sent in an application and that they are desperate for vendors. Sad, really. SOme of these shows are put on in order to raise money for music programs at schools or boy scouts or church funding. But right now I just can't forsee spending the money just to stand around all day.

For the time being I'm just going to have to let my website be my gallery/art show and just have to get it out to the masses. It's a long road to recovery.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Okay So here's a picture of Shelby, the Brittney Spaniel. She's a cutie and I wanted to publish my work in progress. First pic, the sketch... then laid down onto watercolor paper... 2nd pic, first layer of watercolor..... 3rd pic, more watercolor and the final has the colored pencil details. So there you go!

Monday, February 9, 2009

So this past week hasn't been all that productive, I'm ashamed to say. But I had one gc come in for a painting so I have to get started on that. I did manage to get a Shelby portrait done and took some photos of the "process" to post on here. It's times like that I wish that my camera was digital, but it's not.

The show schedule is starting to come together. I've been emailed about a 3 day art fest in Worcester in May, the Strawberry fest in June... there's the Somerville art beat in July. Of course Scituate in August.

A friend of a friend is doing a festival of her own... more of an urban city youth thing. I told her that I would be a part of it (its' free so what's to loose?) But I have very little detail on that. I haven't heard brack from the woman who wanted a larger portrait of her beagle done, which I'm bummed about because that would be another $375 in my pocket.

Lately, I've subscribed to a newsletter for artist and some of the articles are very inspiring, but sometimes I feel like you're listening to people talk about how well they've done and almost forget things like affording custom framing for your work. I can't afford that!! It is interesting though to get other insights that's why I joined it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Monday. I have received some work (mostly gc's being redeemed) but at least it's some work. You know I'd be painting anyway. I was able to get those cards mailed and sold a print off Ebay to Italy. I'm internationally known! I did my 2008 totals last year and came up negative 2K. Depressing, isn't it? Will 2009 be the year that turns it around? Or will my accountant laugh at me again when I tell him that I'm sure to make a profit next year? Stay tuned.