Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just a couple of things to mention...

First, I would like to thank Paul B of Sterling MA who bought this woodcock painting that I did. Sterling is very close to where I like to hike on the weekends, so I brought the painting to him instead of mailing it. It was really nice to meet a collector and his family. And was kind enough to give me some plants from his greenhouse! Thanks Paul!

Which brings me to my situation. Paul found this image as a print first on eBay. He then contacted me about the original. However, eBay is charging me up the yingyang to keep this store open and I feel, despite this recent sale, this store isn't working for me anymore. So this is a post announcing the close of the Ebay store. And that if you are looking at a print to buy, then you should first contact me! or go to

Secondly, I am offering a special to the end of May. If you donate price of a portrait to the, email me the PayPal receipt, I will do a portrait for you of the appropriate size. For example, if you donate $250 (the price of an 8x10) email me the PayPal receipt and the photos of your pet and I will create beautiful art in a 8x10 size. Offer expires May 31st at midnight 2013.