Monday, October 6, 2008

2 shows in 1 weekend

Yes, 2 shows in one weekend. I'm exhausted and back at work for another fun filled week at McPhail.

First show was the Maynard Fest. This is more street fair than an art show and the place was packed with kids. Every age toddlers to teens. They definately gave me some prime real estate being in the center of the center of town. I was in front of the church where they had live music (always a big draw) and at the stop to get your kid a ride on the tractor train . (Just a John Deere with some passenger cars behind it.) So I was able to capture some of the parents and grandparents attention while the kiddies were on the ride. I didn't sell a whole bunch and some people were interested, but it wasn't as positive as Scituate is (or was for that matter). I did decide to do a raffle for another gift certificate and that brought in 1/2 my revenue. I haven't had many GCs redeemed, but as I said to Mum last night, "Who knows; I may be painting for free this Christmas!" The weather was sunny, but windy. I hate the wind at a show. It destroys everything. I had to lay down some of my pieces flat so they wouldn't knock over and weigh down the paper with everything else. I forget how cold it can get with the wind too. I was freezing.

Sunday was the "Woof N' Worship" at the Pilgrim Church in Weymouth. I stopped doing church shows and VFW shows a while ago. Honestly, really no one goes to these little small ones anymore and really for good reason. I say this because the churches and VFWs or Elks will take anyone in whether it's handcrafted or not. For example, if you've been to these shows before, you know that there are an over abundance of beaders/jewelers out there. They are everywhere. This show that I was at yesterday not only had jewelers, but it was catalog jewelry. Lia Sophia and that sort of thing. Now, I don't care if your a rep for a catalog company, that's your thing. But personally I can't buy it when it's the same prices as the stuff that I see my friends and neighbors make. And they don't even sell the jewelry, they just want to get in your house to do a home show. But I am going off topic.....
So I am one of the "animal themed" people there. There was a pair of ladies that helped with senior citizens and their pets.... such as if Grams has to go into a nursing home or a elderly community what's going to happen to her kitty of 16 years? This org comes in and takes care of your elderly animals. I thought that was pretty admirable. There was also a English Sheep dog rescue and 2 dog trainers. One was smart by making treats for the doggies and stapling her contact info to the paper bag. Marketing marketing marketing. But then it started to rain (Lia Sophia had left by this point anyway). There certainly weren't alot of people there, but this is the first time the chuch had this event, so I wasn't expecting a crazy turnout anyway. She was written up in the papers around the area. But when it started to rain (about 3pm and this was to go on til 5pm) everyone left. Everyone but me and the elderly kitty people. So we moved inside to the church basement. And you know what?, smart move. Because the blessing was at 5pm, more people came during the hours of 4 & 5 than the rest of the day. I don't think I'll do it again, maybe once a year or something but I need more people at these shows.

So this week, I'm planning to replenish inventory that was sold over the weekend. The Red Sox are playing tonight so I'll be painting (I listen to it on the radio). I also need to pick up my artwork that didn't sell at the NEAFA benefit. Bummer. Talking with Ernie last week, we were talking about how to increase my sales and suggested that I put together flip portfolios with photos and paintings and have them displayed at different places. At the Maynard show, I was able to get contact information from the Hudson MA Animal Hospital and Idle Dog (a boarding facility for small/toy dogs) so I'm going to be contacting them some time this week about putting a display up in their offices.

Marketing marketing marketing.... It's like 97% of what I do.