Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's been a good week :)


8x10 inch watercolor
I'm feeling very fortunate this week. The exhibit at Athans is getting nothing but praise from visitors and the press! Look here, there's a mention on BostonMagazine.com! *
We had a great reception and I'm so happy 2 of my paintings have found homes!  We (John Q and I ) we're talking the night I dropped them off and we decided since my paintings need homes that we should help out the real animals that need homes. We, Unbound Artists, are donating 10% of the sales made at this exhibit. The Ellen Gifford Cat Shelter ** was the obvious choice because they are right in Brighton. The exhibit is up until Labor Day weekend. Athans has a great menu for lunch/dinner and the eclairs are definitely worth the cheat!

Above is a painting that I just finished for my friend Angie. A wonderful woman that I met at Cocheco Animal Shelter benefit. We were both trying to sell our wares and hers was Barkin' Biscuit, homemade natural dog biscuits. At the time she had Bohdi, a gentle giant of a dog, with her. I did end up painting Bohdi not to long after that because Angie was the winner of my gift certificate donation!
Recently, Angie contacted me to paint Ella, a Sato dog from Puerto Rico. Ella is a goofy Rhodesian ridge back mix who only has 3 legs. Apparently as a pup, Ella broke her foot and when Angie took her to the emergency vet and they set the toes incorrectly. Poor Ella was in so much pain, she was so very shy and hid from everyone and everything. Angie and her husband Jon made the decision that to take off the leg was the only solution. Afterwards, it was as if Ella had come out of her shell. Angie said it took less than 2 days for her to fully recover and get accustomed to the missing leg. Angie wanted a full body of Ella, so you could tell that she had only 3 legs. They did the right thing for Ella.

Angie is also an avid gardener and and raises her own chickens for eggs and meat. She and I both agree that the healthiest and the TASTIEST way to eat is local and homegrown. Although I don't bake my own crackers as she does! So we are bartering for $250 worth of organic groceries. When I went up to visit her, and take pictures of Ella, I came home with 2 whole chickens 2 sets of chicken parts (dark and white), a dozen eggs, radishes, zucchini, lettuces, hot peppers, dill relish, summer squash, dilly beans (which were freakin' awesome!) and some jalapeno jelly. I have 2 more trips up!

I love a good barter!

** http://www.giffordcatshelter.org/