Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey - I like what I like. Everything else is sh*t.

It's so true, isn't it? I will be the first to admit that when it comes to music, art, even wine, there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER. I just have an opinion and I like to share it with you. And if you're smart, you'll agree with me completely. :)

Meet Sushi, the corgi. This photo was emailed to me (along with others) from a client wanting a pet portrait. She said, however, she wanted Sushi in more of a nature scene. Laying in some grass or something to that effect. And that ear on the right needed to be fixed. So here's the first layer:

Sushi, the Corgi 8x10" watercolor - 1st layer.
I've put up the photo and the painting so that you are able to see the nature and that fixed ear. I worked on this Tuesday night and plan to do more this weekend.

Last night was the Wednesday at the MFA and the model never showed up. And the MFA put our drawing session in the Chinese art gallery. One of the artists there volunteered to be the model all night. To her defense, she wasn't planning on being a model so I guess I can't complain about the outfit she wore, but.. She had the worst Mom Jeans that I had seen in a long time. It was difficult to see if she had a waist at all. She held the poses nicely but those pants. .. Couldn't get over it. AND the Chinese art gallery was SO dimly lit that it was really hard to get any good values. Owell, this is my sketch from last night. I did a lot, but this was the best of them

So when I leaned over and saw T drawing horses (there were statues of horses in the gallery) and on my other side H was just staring at the model I realized that the 3 of us weren't *feeling* it and decided to get out of there.

Interior at Stoddards in the Ladder District in Boston

We headed downtown on the suggestion of my friend H, who is also a food blogger for Stoddards was lovely. Expensive (apps are $10ish, entrees in the $20s) for my wallet, so T & I split the fondue plate and each had 2 beers. The food and drink were very good, our waiter was awesome and the interior of this place is BEAUTIFUL. This picture does not do it justice. From what I was told, they re gutted this building so that the original brickwork and interior design is showing. This building is around 1900's (maybe earlier) and has old T railings and Boston Lighting. You can read more reviews here
Then came home and after a quick wardrobe change ( I had to get out of my work clothes!) met up with J at O'Briens, a local live music venue in Allston. We were there to catch 3 bands, but mostly we were there to check out Jim Healy's acoustic set. He has residency there on Wednesday's in April so if you have nothing to do on the 28th, you should head on down. He's a great singer, who knows how to use that mic to enhance his own, very powerful voice. You can check out his site here:
We also checked out Birds Make Birds. If you like the Strokes, you'll like this band. They were very tight and good at what they did. The other band, Lovers, Muggers and Thieves SUCKED. Lead singer was drunk, or acted like it. Music was unoriginal and not inspiring and they were really all over the place. At one point she, the singer, apologized for sucking (!) because they "hadn't practiced in a month". J heckled them "NO EXCUSES!" (I love him!). But yea, don't waste your time or precious sleep by staying up late to watch these fools.

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