Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is there such a thing as Twitter Etiquette ???

(Winter Wren from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website)
I put this guy's picture up because this bird is more known for being heard rather than seen and really isn't that what Twitter is all about? I believe, like most public places, that Twitter has a certain etiquette and rules you should follow.
I am, yes, a Twitterholic. I love it. But there are times that I get frustrated at the silly things that people post.
Rule 1. Don't post about the weather. Because I can get my local forecast on the radio and really that's all I need.
Rule 2. Don't post every 20 minutes where you are. Why would you consistently post about how you go to Starbucks every morning? I follow the word WINSHIP because it is my last name and I want to know, is anyone talking about me? (hope so!). So there's this dude in S. Korea who's handle is @winship and he posts CONSTANTLY about where he is ... I mean like every 5 minutes and he's always at some fast food joint. Makes me wonder about his health! But again, it's filling up my screen with 10 post in a row. "I'm at ___________" I'm at __________" Seriously dude, who cares?????? And I tried to block him but because it's under a search I don't think I can. At least I haven't figured it out yet (maybe you can help?)
Rule 3. No posts about television shows. I'm note a fan of TV, tend to maybe watch 2-3 hours weekly. I see a lot of posts about Lost, Idol, and Dancing with the Stars. Yeah, don't give a sh*t, really.
But then there's me and what I like to tweet about:
Aside from my usual tweets about my shows, events and art accomplishments....

Josh Homme
Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures
I love this guy. I follow him, his bands, and any mention of him on twitter. Very much a guilty pleasure of mine. He's a fantastic musician, bad-ass personality and yes, HoT! That being said I've noticed that when someone posts something about him and it's wrong (*gasp*) I feel that I have to correct them. Makes me feel like the Cliff Claven of Stoner Metal music and somewhere, I'm thinking, there's this person on their computer saying, "Who the hell is this b*itch??" However, in my defense I have been told by marketing experts that it is good to comment and tweet on other people's stuff out side of your "circle" in order to get more people in your "circle." That's all I'm doing right? :)

Remember Cliff from Cheers? The guy who always hung out at the bar and spewed off facts that no body really cared about? Yea, I feel like that sometimes. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

So let me ask you: Do you Twitter? Is there a way to block someone even if they keep posting one of your search words? Is there something on Twitter that annoys the hell out of you? Or you one of those "Oh - I'm just getting Facebook, don't get me started on Twitter"?

"Brussels Griffon" 8x10 Mixed Media
I like to read other people's tweets that have interesting links. I follow a lot of foodies, musicians, bands, artists, and art marketing experts. I have made a few friendships through twitter (shout out to @feeaxilla who consistently is sharing his music with me) and again, hoping that this will bring more people to my "circle".
So if you're not on Twitter - you should be. It's got so much potential that hasn't been tapped yet. Just don't post about what your wearing because it's raining.....

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