Monday, April 12, 2010


"Birthday Echo" 8x10 watercolor & colored pencil
After all that rain, and then the heat New England is in a spring bliss. Blossoms and bees and birds are milling about causing all sorts of .... Allergies! *AcHooo!*
I spent this weekend painting my living room, so I really have nothing too creative to report. This week I will try to get a news letter out. I have one show booked for July ( although, I'm not 100% committed as I have not yet received my acceptance letter). I passed on the Topsfield Strawberry Fest and I'm out of town this year on the weekend of Scituate Heritage Daze. I find that a lot of these shows are becoming more and more "crafty" and less "arty" so I think I'm going to have to find some new ways to show my work. Let me know if you have an event that you think isn't worth passing up. I'm always looking for "new eyes" to my work.

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