Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend.

Now, I'm not a huge religious person so Easter was never a big deal in my family. I spent most of this weekend cleaning, getting the living room prepped for painting the walls. I'm thinking of a lovely light coffee color.... and trying to squeeze in some creativity here and there.

Here's a painting of D napping. This is a watercolor on cotman, 5x7" in diameter. This is the first layer of paint on the paper. STREEAAKYYY. But - the cotman + watercolor + colored pencil = masterpiece.

Not the greatest photo ( camera phone ) but you can definitely see what I mean about that colored pencil allowing me to get in there and layer, layer, layer.....

This was Sunday's project. We didn't have to be at J's family until later in the afternoon, so I took a minute to paint the view off my porch. It was about 70 degrees yesterday and I just couldn't hang out indoors anymore. I love living on the top floor :). And the red buds of the maple trees are coming in strong.
HOLY SH*T, this is the street next to mine!! I saw the cops and yellow tape still there this morning. YIKERS.

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