Monday, March 29, 2010


I recieved an email this morning in my inbox that this painting sold over the weekend at the New England Arts for Animals show. Whoo Hoo! As excitited as I am seeing a piece of mine take off, I'm sad to see it go. Am I weird? Yes, very much so! I've already contacted the coordinator of the show to get the information of the buyer so that I can write them a quick thank you note. You know, keep it real!

After a whole weekend at Chester in the woods, I was thinking of what I should blog about on this lovely rainy Monday morning. Being that I wasn't creative at all this weekend unless you call chopping down small trees with a hatchet creative (my back and shoulders got their workout this weekend)....

But when I received the email this morning lets talk about the emotions that I felt- Surprised. (then) excited (then) Sad. Sad? Why? I loved this piece. The original photo was taken on a farm in St. Albans Vermont. When some friends of mine rented a house up on Lake Champlain there was this small house across the street with all sorts of barn yard critters. The temps were like -20F and my friend H and I took a walk to check out the farm. The woman who owned them all came out to give us a "tour" of all these animals. They were all rescues and each had a story. The pony in this picture? 22 years old and blind. Spent most of his time with "his" sheep, who is also in this painting, who was a fair ground attraction because he had 3 horns, (other side, you can't see it in the painting). Most of the geese and ducks were grown up Easter basket additions. She also had a monster-pig with tusks, tons of chickens, cats and a couple of dogs. One who had a litter of pups that she was keeping warm in the barn under a roof of hay.

Anyway, that aside, my paintings are like things that I've created, nurtured and shown off only to come back home and sit in the portfolio case. When one is purchased, it's like giving it wings to fly to it's new home. You know that it's better for you but you're still sad to see it go. Then there are the others you just can't wait to see go, but those seem to linger forever. But this is the way artwork gets out there. Sometimes I need to watch Antiques Roadshow to realize this.... when they bring in works of art. And no, they're not Monet's or Picasso's but some artist who did beautiful work and made someones home a more beautiful place. I hope that this piece will reach that goal as it will be passed from hand to home and from home to heart.

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Tracy said...

You should tell the person that bought this your story about it!! I know if I bought it, I would be so happy to know the story and be able to tell others about it! It makes that art THAT much more meaningful!!!