Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday Night at the MFA

So, Here in the lovely city of Boston, the Museum of Fine Arts is FREE on Wednesdays!! And I found out from a woman that I work out with (who is also an artist) they have a figure model there 3 Wednesdays out of the month. Did I mention that this was FREE?! So another friend and I went down and had some serious sketching to do!

This is a page from my sketchbook of head studies. If I'm going to become a portrait artist then this is great practice. She moved about every 10-15 minutes. So you have to be fast! But it really loosens your brain/hand up. She was older, in her 50s, and had quite the nose! I haven't done this since art school!

Then she switched outfits and wore a dancer half-shirt thingy and a petticoat. You can tell that I took fashion illustration courses because I always gave her more volume in her hair than she actually had. I will definitely do this again. It's from 6pm to 9pm and it changes location in the museum every week. You just need to ask the Visitors' Center where it is. They provide stools, boards (for backing) paper, pencils (thank dog, because the charcoal one I brought was cracked all the way through and pissing me off as I tried to sharpen it) and erasers.

H and I stayed til about 7:45 and then checked out the Albrect Durer exhibit. I will go back again and take J as well, as it's one of his favorite artists. I love living in Boston :)


Tracy said...

Sounds fun, maybe I'll take my self on over and sketch too. I haven't drawn live models since art school either, I always enjoyed it!

Pretty cool that it's free and they provide supplies!! Yay MFA!! Was it crowded?

organicsyes said...

How exciting! Boston is a wonderful city...enjoy those wonderful gifts!

(love the comment on the extra hair;)