Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday Night Creativity at the Allston SkyBox

So the last time I was at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, T & I did the live model drawings. We scooted out at about 8ish and checked out this guy's paintings:

Luis Melendez "Still Life with Figs" c. 1760
Look at the detail!! In all my years paintings I often have trouble with textures. (except fur - that I've got down!) So we decided to do our own still life and practice on textures. J had found a deer skull in the woods a couple of weeks ago (most likely the result of deer hit by car, goes off into woods, coyotes came and finished the job).

So here's our still life. Complete with red grapes, artisan bread and a bottle of wine. (Maynard from Tool created this wine and it is tasty! I still have a bottle and am saving it for a very special occasion). Anyway... I thought it was so pretty and artsy with the skull and all that I took a couple of pictures with the phone and the "good" camera. Our goal was light and texture!

This is my watercolor. I tried to put down as much information as I could before dinner was done (there's nothing like painting whilst the aroma of roasted chicken fills the air). I like the bread and I really like how the shadows came out. It's not done, but yet I think there's a lot to be said for leaving it as is. I don't know. I'm kind of torn about it. Maybe I'll go back, but it's going to be hard because I didn't take any reference photos from this angle and yeah, we ate that bread with the chicken!


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Excellent night!
I think you should keep the painting as is and do another one!