Monday, March 15, 2010


Crappy photo, but these were the Guinness Cupcakes that I made for the Saint Patrick's Day party that I went to on Saturday and they were a hit!! Guinness, chocolate, BUTTER, sugar and sour cream made the cupcakes, and then the frosting was cream cheese, heavy cream and confection sugar. I also called around and found some edible gold dust to decorate these with. There was SO much batter, that I froze 16oz. of it for later. I found a couple of recipes but my twitter friend @a12eggs recommended this one. I went with her choice as she is an expert cupcake baker!
There's one left in the fridge at home. But that will be gone tonight for sure!

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Tracy said...

These cupcakes were yuh-mee!!! They even took me out of my "I'm-soaking-wet-pissed-off-sick-of-rain" funk!!!