Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm looking forward to a short week

I am taking this Thursday off because I'm going to see Radiohead on Wednesday night and just hate going to work after a conert evening. I am also going to the Vineyard this weekend and just can't get to the beach fast enough.

This past week I've uploaded most of my portfolio on to Flickr, per the idea of my friend Tracy who is a Flickr junkie. But it was a good idea as I am recieving alot of feedback and even some questions about ordering paintings. So a BIG thanks to Tracy!! Here's hoping we make a connection.

I've also started a Facebook account and have found some old friends. I really want to start putting some stuff up there, too. But it will be awhile as I feel that I should finish with the Flickr first.

I'm also ending my mailing campaign this week. It seems as though what was a good idea has just cost me what feels like at least a thousand dollars in postage. I was able to get some of my work in a vet office in Miami. But I need more than that. I was reading on that mailing lists are a bad idea. Well, I had to give it a try I guess.

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