Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Stress

Well, the 14th was the cut off day for orders and I'm all caught up on the commissions so I think that part of my holiday stress is over. Not bad season for a recession stressed economy. Lots of people opted for the smaller sizes out the sizes that I offer (Last year I had done 2 big ones). And lots of people took me up on my coupon offer. Which was fine, because with 20% off a small size you're pretty much only saving $10 or so. But as I do these portraits and a lot are of pets that had passed away over the year, all I can think about is how much these paintings mean to these people and that on Christmas morning that my art work will effect those people in such a meaningful way. THat's what it's all about!!

Now it's time to start stressing about the WedNight Christmas party and then after that I should be cool as a cucumber, right? I am doing a lot of made gifts for Christmas so I'll have those few days after Wednesday to take care of those.

I spoke to a friend of mine on Saturday night and that was a real buzz kill. He was scolding me for not making more money in this "art business" and that it "breaks his heart" so see that I'm actually loosing money on a yearly basis. I had to remind him that I'm also having a great time doing it and that it's not all money and we all have to start somewhere and all that. He wouldn't really listen to me and instead said that I should join forces with him and work for him selling plumbing parts. I may not be making money hand over fist, but I'm sure not going to be spending my time with plumbing parts. Needless to say, I ended the phone call fairly quickly.

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