Monday, January 12, 2009

January lull

It's this time of year where business does slllooooww down. However, I'm still just as busy. I still haven't go together my year end totals or even flipped the pages in my day planner to 2009. I don't know what I'm waiting for!LOL
I was contacted by some one who lives at Witch Hollow Farm in Boxford about my paintings of Witch Hollow Farm. Apparently the daughter of the people who live there found my work on Flickr and now the father of the family wants to talk to me about coming out and do more paintings of their farm house. Excellent!!
And my friends father who lives out in Delaware (I've never met him personally) but says that he has one of my prints of the Scituate light house and has received cards with the same image on it from my friend. So now he's looking to get cards himself. I just have to find them. I gave the original painting to Lennox & Carla when they were married back in 03(?). I may have the image on disc some where so I have to look for that and get him those cards. We shall see.

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