Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome Summertime. I have some shows coming up this summer that I'm looking forward to. Here's a brief summary but you can get all details at my website

First, the Summer Sun and Fun Arts festival. This is to raise funds for the Cocheo Vally Humane Society of Barrington NH. A little far from Boston, but hopefully the lakes region will bring along all the NH vacationers to this fest. It's July 11th with a rain date July 12th. I do believe i'll have to get up at 4am in order to get up there and set up and be ready to sell by 9am. That, I'm not looking forward to. I'm toying with the idea of an air mattress at my parents house the night before as they are 40 minutes north of me, which is 40 minutes more sleep in the a.m.

Then the following Saturday, July 18th, is the Somerville Art beat. This one is only 15 minutes from my house (ya!) So it makes getting in and out of it very easy. Although last year I had a melt down trying to find parking with all of Somerville & Cambridge one way streets.... Argh!

Then the 2nd weekend of August (8th & 9th) is the Scituate Heritage Days. Kids, this is where it all started 7 years ago. My friend Tracy, who grew up in Scituate convinced me to start selling work here. She wanted to do the show but didn't want to do it by herself so she convinced me to share a space with her. Didn't sell much, but it was the first time that my artwork was exposed to the public and I did leave there with a swelled ego!! And received some of my first commissioned orders.

This past week I've worked on some paintings of a lemur (photo from the Stone Zoo) and started another on a Yorkie. This weekend is the 4th and I have a lot of parties and activities planned. I'm hoping that there will be one day that Jason will want to fish Wachusett or Vernon and this way I can bring some acrylics and do a landscape.. Can do much of that on a boat at Quabbin as my view is constantly changing with the drift.

Happy 4th of July!!

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