Thursday, May 27, 2010


This past week I joined CAG Canine Art Guild and as I have mentioned in my tweets, I'm already seeing benefits from this. It is a wonderful group of artists who are sharing their experiences with galleries, contests, making DVDs and all sorts of things. They also have their own contests, and this month was about cats! Little do they know that I'm truly a cat person (who really likes dogs) and have as many cat paintings as I do dog paintings, so this was just right for me :) More information about the CAG can be found here: They don't have an avatar up for me yet, but I've been told that it's going up today. Hopefully this will bring more and more recognition to my work. yay!

" French Bully"
5x7" watercolor

"Allston Roof Tops"
8x10" watercolor (done PleinAir)

Last night I hosted the Wednesday night creativity and it was HOT here in Allston-town. I live in a 3 floor walk up, and we're on the top floor. Of course, J & I call it the penthouse :) But since heat rises it felt like an attic in there yesterday. So instead of doing a still life, I decided to paint off the porch. If you look straight out, there's the Boston Skyline. However, it's much more pretty at night, so I decided to look to my left to paint the Allston rooftops. My porch is also a current home to 2 house sparrow families and they were making such a freakin' racket.
This weekend T, A & I are heading up to Vermont for the Vermont Open Studios. This is the first year that I've done it, but T has gone up there for the past 3 years to do it and says it's wonderful. It's a 3 + hour drive so we're leaving Friday night when the Boston traffic dies down in order to get at least 2 full days in. And we'll be visiting the wonderful @a12eggs (twitter handle) for some lovely baked items. I'm secretly hoping for congo bars! YUM :) Here's their site.. HA! I just went to the site to get the correct URL and they have peanut butter cupcakes.... OH I can't wait to taste these!!!

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