Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well, this is exciting!

I got the letter in the mail on Saturday that these 2 pieces were accepted into the "Art Show at the Dog Show" which is a huge canine event that happens in Wichita, Kansas!

"BW Tibetan Terrier"
5"x7" black watercolor
"Retired Racer"
5"x7" watercolor & Prismacolor pencils

I had submitted 4 pieces all together and I have to be honest, I didn't think that any would make it in. Why so pessimistic? Well, could be that commissions are way down or the last 2 shows I tried to get into I was declined? Yes, I think so. But it just goes to show you that if you keep plugging away something is bound to get through.
So from what I understand the show is judged kind of like a dog show. You bring in your dog, let's say the "Retired Racer", would compete against other paintings of greyhounds. If yours wins, then you continue to best Sporting Group and if you win that then you compete for Best of Show. All pieces are for sale and the winners of the categories will win a purse of anywhere from $50 to $1,250! I'm not thinking of the money, per say. I just think that this is going to be some great exposure for my work! So needless to say, this totally made my weekend. Now I have to get them to the framer and mailed to Kansas by the 25th of February. Once I know exactly which gallery they'll be in, I'll post it here. If you're in that area, be sure to check these and more wonderful canine artists!


Tracy said...

I wish we could be there for the judging!!

You should've posted my card you made, it came out so awesome!!!

the pedigree artist said...

Aw, thanks! You know, I didn't even take a picture of your card! Between that, the snacks and making chicken soup on Sunday ..... Save it and scan it in!