Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Art Online

So I get emails from Dog Art Today, a great blog dedicated to... Dog Art! They are holding their 3rd annual wine label competition for the Mutt Lynch Winery and this year's theme was "naughty" Aww! I asked my friend T, who's got a goofy white boxer named Sugar, if she had any photos of Sugar being "naughty". She sent me some and here are my interpretations:

Sugar's busy day

8x10 inch watercolor

Sugar's Flower

5x7 inch

watercolor with Prismacolor pencils

You're only allowed one entry per person and because my black and whites tend to get more response out of people, Sugar's Busy Day is my entry. Fingers are crossed!!!

Lil Silver Pug

5x7 inch

Black watercolor and a silver Prismacolor pencil

So like I said, I'm finding that my black n' whites are getting more attention than my color pieces. I'm all about it. I've been working with black watercolor for a couple of years now. I started doing black and whites with some breeds, like pugs, that I already had a lot of color paintings of and wanted to do something a little different. I've done a couple of commissions this way too. I think black and white definitely creates more of a dramatic effect. I think the dog in Lil Silver Pug looks more regal ... or even old timey because of the black and white. Stay tuned for more!

Does anyone know what artist created this image? I found it on a blog, LOVE IT but there was no reference to the artist. I found the image for sale on Ebay as well and they only listed it as a Brazilian artist... hmmmmm. Anyway, if anyone knows please tell me! Thanks.

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Tracy said...

LOVE how "Sugar's busy Day" turned out!! I knew you'd make it work! If it wins I'm buying a case of their wine!!! ...and you got the naughty look down perfectly in "Sugar's flower" !
I've always loved your black and whites.