Friday, February 24, 2012

Making your own book....

So today's Dog Art Today post was about the Morran Book Project. Artist, Camilla Engman, put together a book of illustrations of her dog Morran from artists all over the world. The book was published by Blurb and proceeds go to the WSPA, the Swedish organization designed to protect animals. Camilla started the project by mentioning it on her blog and people liked the idea. She then put a call out to artists to have them do an illustration of her beloved dog.

The cover
Jeanette Bornmarker

Ulrika Kestere

What a wonderful idea! I've spent most of the morning looking at the hundreds of illustrations that she posted on her blog ( not all got in the book ) and the 2 above are certainly favorites of mine. I've never done self publishing of a book, even though it is such a popular thing right now. But this little project has got my mind thinking.... Books of my photos, books of my paintings... themes, ideas .... oh I could go on and on.

Have you ever published your own book? Do you have a preference of self publishers? I'm growing more curious about this by the minute.....

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