Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

I've been away to lovely lake Carmi in Vermont this past weekend, so nice!

I've been accepted to participate in the Howl -A-Day greyhound fundraiser so that's good. I'm ready to update my events page but our computer's are having a meltdown today and I haven't been able to get up to that site yet just to see what the traffic stats are. I'm sure it wasn't a whole lot anyway. I don't know many who spent this past weekend on a computer vs. being at the beach or the lake (like me!).

So it's the start of September and it's the last month of this quarter to try to make up some $$ for the worst sales season since I've started. I haven't spent alot, but I haven't recieved alot of interest in what I do either.

I still feel like I'm riding that freakin rowboat from the weekend though. Vertigo is the worst

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