Monday, April 6, 2009

So there's really not a whole lot to post about my art career this week. Nothing's ....all. I did work on some painting over the weekend as i was feeling guilty that I wasn't doing enough to even call myself an artist. I am currently working on a landscape of Sagamore Beach cliffs which makes me long for that time when I was a kid and we went to the Sagamore house for a week every year. The house is now up for sale by my mom's cousins and from what I understand the asking price is well over a million. *sigh*.

Here in New England spring is here. I can tell because my sinuses are killing me. Exhausting me. I sat at home on Saturday thinking that I could have the whole afternoon to work on stuff and it took all my power just to stay awake. I finally took a nap between 5-6pm and still wanted to be in bed when 11pm rolled around. I was at Great Scotts checking out a show (Black Helicopter)and it was apparent it was time to go home when a guy literally woke me up to ask if the stool next to me was taken. I left after that.

I also rcvd an email from the Topsfield Historical Society asking me if I was participating in the Strawberry Festival this year, which I am! But like the Andover one, I just think that they are desperate for vendors and are reaching out to past vendors to make sure they have a full show.

I'm traveling to South Carolina for Easter on Thursday. I can't wait. But I doubt I get anything done this week.

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