Monday, July 20, 2009

Mid Summer

Thank you everyone who came out to the Somerville Art Beat last Saturday (7/18) and the Cocheco Valley Humane Society Sun fest (7/11). And congradutlations to Angie of Barkin' Biscuit of Stratam NH and Josh of Jamaica Plain who were winners of the raffled off gift certificates. Angie and I also plan to exchange links on our webpages. So look no further for homemade doggie treats for your furry friend. All natural too!

The Cocheco Valley fest was a little empty as the day went by but they did manage to find 2 dogs homes while the fair was being put on. I think it may have been the heat, but with some of these fairs... you never know. Somerville Art Beat was crowded. And there were people there who had said that they'd wish that there was more art to look at. There's plenty of women there with soaps and sewing machines making purses but no enough "ART". I guess that would make me feel fortunate as my stuff is art. I was interviewed by the Somerville Cable TV (and probably made an ass of myself) but who watches that anyway!? haha. But I do enjoy doing this fair, mainly because it is SO close to where I live that its' real easy to get to and Jason had the benefit of taking the van whilst I sold. AND it was stellar to have him come back and help me break down. Probably shaved about 20 mintutes off my normal breakdown time.

The goal for the next 3 weeks (then it's Scituate Heritage Days) is to "relearn" InDesign, get inventory up to date. I can't wait for this weekend which is a weekend at Chester with some friends and I really feel I deserve it :)

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