Monday, July 27, 2009

A new love

Acrylics! I did a painting this weekend at Chester in acrylics. Why do I love acrylics so much now? Probably because I can get down all the info I want fast fast fast and cover up most major mistakes. You can't do that with watercolors, you got to be on your game the entire time. I'll be sure to post the painting that I did.

Note to self though, don't ever ever leave Western MA heading on the pike and expect NOT to get stuck in traffic around interstate 84. Argh!!! What a waste of a beautiful Sunday to travel. I'd much rather spend the day doing something until the sun goes down and then have a traffic free ride home. Mind you the idea was to drive to W Boylston and go to Wachusett... but why is it that everyone feels that they have to be at home in order to "get ready for work tomorrow". I just don't get it. But then again, if everyone felt like I did, then there'd just be too much traffic after the sun goes down.

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