Monday, November 16, 2009

This is a picture of a painting that I did on Saturday morning. I did it for my Dad as his birthday card. He turned 73 on Friday HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS!!! Anyway, if the clams look familiar to you, they're off a package for some candy shot glasses that I never used, but the cartoons on the box cracked me up so I kept those. It's a lousy camera phone picture but you can tell what I did this weekend.

Sunday, I finished a pet portrait that was from a purchased gift cert last year. Then went out to the Allston open studios. There was some great things there and got to chat with some of the artists. The studios themselves are FREAKIN beautiful, but I also know that they rent for about $1,200 a month. I just need to find 3 other artists to split the space with. They're plenty big enough!! Anyone interested?? Shelley Reed was one artist that I talked to. Here's a link to her site, but her stuff is WAY more impressive in person. What a treat!!

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