Monday, November 23, 2009

This picture is of more work going out. On the right is "Bonnie". Bonnie's owner, Christine F., was the winner of my gift certificate at the Scituate Animal Shelter fundraiser. On the left is a print of "Sweet D". The original hangs in my bedroom in honor of that beloved cat of mine. It's the one portrait that I did that looks most like him.
Saturday went out to do some errands in Harvard Square and walked by a cat rescue C.A.R.E on Massachusetts Ave. that I had never seen before. With 3 grey tabby kittens in the window, I had to go in! Oh they were so cute. I've been thinking of getting Luna girl a friend, but she's a bit under the weather and I'm still trying to figure out her issues and think that if I were to get another cat, the last thing I want is 2 sick kitties.... Besides, I think J would not dig it. But I spoke with the organizer there and gave her my card letting her know that if they were ever to have a fundraiser that I'd be glad to donate my gift certificate for a 5x7" painting. They did have an all black girl who was about 2 years old and she just started purring the moment I walked up to her cage.... aw!
But enough about the kitties. I have to get an email newsletter out and I'm thinking of doing custom orders for Christmas cards, but I don't want to do it through Kinko's anymore because I don't like their big stupid logo on the back of my card. Is there anywhere out there that I can order cards on line that work out to under a $1.00 a piece and has a minimum that's less than 500 cards? I don't have the room for that kind of inventory!! Let me know!

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