Monday, December 7, 2009

My final show for the year....

So the JP 1st Church craft fair was this weekend. I did okay, but could have done better I think. This was the 4th year that I've done this show and maybe I need new merch? But all everyone bought from me was magnets that are only $3 and $4. They make great stocking stuffers, no doubt, but I wished someone had bought a print from me. And of course there were plenty of promo card/pamphlet takers. Hopefully I'll get a commission out of it. My friend T also did the show and did extremely well. She paints slates and makes her own jewelry and she totally banked! I was so proud of my friend!!!! Next year, if I do this again, because there's always that evil thought in your mind that says, "there's got to be a better way." I'm going to request that I not be shoved in the corner on the piano. I thought it was a great space at first, but I noticed it was too easy to get sidetracked by the lunch counter right next to me and it was tight! I would love to make cards and stationary with my images, but it's so expensive. I wish I could find a quality place to print cards and not have it cost an arm and a leg.

Sunday, I started some Christmas shopping. And the first person on my list was ME and the first thing on my list was a new SOFA! I'm very excited!! It's being delivered tomorrow and it was like a breath of fresh air putting my ratty old one out on the sidewalk!! Bernie & Phyls has great product, prices and I went to the one in Westboro. The sales staff is there to help and they are SO not overbearing that it actually made it a great experience. It's a beautiful burgundy red color. So last night I spent sweeping out the living room and cleaning the floors and put up new curtains too. Now it lookes like the walls desperately need to be painted! That's the project goal this winter!

Pictures in this blog:

"Frozen Pond" Watercolor 2006

"Lemur" Watercolor & Colored pencil 2009

"Drink Up Mr. Owl" and I put this in so you could see the former UGLY curtains that I was happy to finally throw away last night!!

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Tracy said...

I see Mr. Owl also prefers the "Champagne of Beers"!!