Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Okay so first, HOW CUTE IS THIS PICTURE? haha! This pair's owner won my gift certificate through the Rescue House auction out in California. This is the photo we agreed to use, but I will omit the snack hand and try to bring their heads a little closer together. But I just had to show you....

So yes, I know Father's day was about 10 days ago, but I was too busy with my life to get it together to make my dad's card until this past week. So I made a little book of all the ways you can say Happy Fathers Day accompanied by a cute illustration. My dad has always said he likes my cartoony drawings best, so that's usually what I'll do.

First we went to Mexico and saw the Chihuahua family:

Dia de Padre Feliz!
then we went to Russia

My keyboard doesn't have the keys to type Happy Father's day in Russian so I'll just spell it out:
Askdjf;alkjsd F;askukawern Fopiuyqweknrpiofu

Then we went to Germany and what says Happy Father's Day more than sausages and beer???

Glucklicher Vatertag!

And then we went to France!! (I don't really like how "dad's" face came out but anyway)
Jour de Peres Heureux!

So there you go. Now back to the studio to work on the portrait of the snack masters!

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