Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot hot hot

Well, it's officially summer and it's pretty freakin' hot out. But you don't hear me complaining! I feel if you're complaining about the weather, well, then your life must be pretty damn good. Besides, just wait in 40 years when it'll be hot like this everyday. Are you ready to give up oil yet?

So get this: I received a call from a woman who wanted ME to give HER lessons on watercoloring! HA! I've never done this before, so talk about an adventure!! I'm in Holliston all this week playing single mom with my nephews while my sister is in the Philippines (business) so we're meeting next Monday. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to approach this.... stay tuned!

Remember a couple of posts ago I did a painting of Bo, the golden, whose owner had won my gift certificate? Well, if you do you'll remember how much of a time (grrr!) I was having to get those colors right.... Here's the final product:

5"x7" watercolor and colored pencil
Not bad, huh? Sometimes those colored pencils really come in and save my day. I do believe sometimes I use them as a crutch and should shake them but I. just. can't.

So to help you cool down, here's a picture I took last February in Epson NH. I love winter. :)

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