Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August heat!

A reminder to you that art fair season has arrived!! I will be doing the Charlestown Arts in the Park in Charlestown MA in the main square. (9/11/10 rain date 9/12/10). I'm quite excited about this show because I've never done it so to me it's a whole new audience. And I received my assignment this morning and there's a lovely reception for artists after the show at the Grille which includes a drink ticket and appetizers.. How nice!! I have also submitted my application for the Jamaica Plain Christmas fair which is held the first Saturday of December. I have specifically requested NOT to be on the piano as it just gets too cramped in the corner.

And please let me know if you are interested in getting a New England Arts for Animals calender for 2011. I've ordered 12 and are selling them on a first come, first serve basis. They're $15 a piece and all proceeds will go to NEAFA. My "Black and White Barn Scene" will be one of the pictures. I'm thinking probably Jan, Feb or Dec.....

"Black and White Farm Scene"
5"x7" Watercolor

And you all know by now how much I love Twitter. Well, my new friend @gallaghermeow writes a blog http://johnryangallagher.tumblr.com/ and has the ability to get me cracking up laughing in my office. I think probably because we grew up in the same area of Massachusetts, (he in Newburyport and I in Boxford). So yea, a lot of it's "northshore" humor but I highly recommend you take a look! So then he said that he would commission me to do a portrait of his cat smoking weed. haha. So this is what I sent him:

Too funny. I just wished I centered it on the scan bed. Owell.

So speaking of smoking weed.... I don't know if you're all aware of the decriminalization of marijuana that's happening in Massachusetts. As of January 2009, being caught with an ounce or less of the stuff is now grounds for a citation. Basically that means that they can't arrest you (unless you're in the car or it's the 2nd time you've been caught) and it's just a $100 ticket. Hey, I think it's fine and dandy and what people do in their own time is their own business and as long as you're not hurting anyone then go ahead and blaze away. But then I'm in Martha's Vineyard over the weekend with my sister and my nephews (8 & 9 years old). We took them to the arcade in Oaks Bluffs and I was really not down with hanging out in the arcade (all I can think about is the germs all over the games) so I hung outside and there's this dude, about 18 years old smoking a joint RIGHT THERE. Really??? There are tons of kids around and there's a beach up the street and you're doing this right HERE?? I would have said something, but he was big and nasty and I really didn't want to get into it. So I just glared at him. I do wish I had said something though. That's just not right.

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