Friday, July 15, 2011

Art and Music. It's what seperates us from all other animals.

I have some excited arty things planned that I want to tell you about but first I have to let you know about one of the best things about living in Boston. The Music Scene. Ha, you scoff! Seriously, these past 2 weeks J & I have gone to 3 shows and a 4th coming up on Saturday. And there have been some highlights and some *ahem* lowlights. I have found my 2 new favorite local acts and saw them both.

Don't you love it when you go check out a band that you and your friends like and the other bands freakin rock? That's what happened when we went to Planetoid at the Middle East back in May. The ever so rockin' Sherman Burns opened up for them and dare I say it, I liked them better than Planetoid! They're a heavy, hard rock with twists and turns that take you everywhere. Oh and the lead singer kinda looks like J back when J was in his early 20's.

Sherman Burns

So we made the effort to go out and see them again at Great Scotts in Allston last week. Unfortunately Great Scott's doesn't have any air conditioning (or they just didn't that night?) so the place was a sweat box. Had it not been for these boys rockin' out, I would have left in a heart beat. Check out their page at and you can download their music here:

So my friend B's brother, Mike, is in a band called Taiwan Typhoon. I went and saw these guys back in January at Church not knowing what to expect. In fact, I think I was expecting to be disappointed as I wasn't really a fan of M's last band. But hey, I'll support. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!

Taiwan Typhoon

From what I understand, these boys have been working, mastering and perfecting themselves for the last 2 years and have started playing out in 2011. I have seen them perform 4 times now and love them every time. Mix of some post-punk, heavy rock and surfer boy and that's what they are. Duel guitars give you a complete wall of sound while the singer, Larry, is as funny and animated as he is adorable. We saw them last night at TT the Bears and it was if I could not get enough. Can't wait to see them again. And sometimes they have free home made cookies with their merch! Check out there site at

And then there are my friends:

Beneath the Stone

If you like old Stone Temple Pilots, then BTS is right up your alley. They have some great solid riffs heavy, stoney and oh yeah.....

Al from Beneath The Stone

There's Al in all his sexiness. I have a thing for bald dudes with big noses (HA!). So when I go to the BTS show this Saturday at the Middle East, I'll be crossing my fingers that he takes his shirt off again..... yummy! I can't get myself too carried away since J will be there. (BTW J has a big nose and shaves his head as well.... I'm noticing a trend here). Check out Beneath the Stone here: (caution, they have the music playing as soon as you open the site).

All these bands can be found on Facebook and that is where I pulled all the photos from as well. Just so you know.

That 4th show I talked about was A Perfect Circle. What a f*ckin' disappointment. Top dollar tickets (my seats were excellent) but they played 5! covers. I can understand 1... I'll let 2 slide if it's done really well, but I was there to see them!! Not sing Elvis Costello!! Ugh! A day after the show, J had done some research and apparently they've recently come out with a whole album of covers with a whole War & Peace theme (hence the cover of Peace, Love & Understanding) but seriously.... They could have done a whole lot more of their own stuff and the show was only 1 hour long. Weak, in my book.

Okay on to the art!

I've been recently invited to show my work at the Discovery Center in Turners Falls MA! http://http// They saw my paintings on The Discovery Center invites artists from the New England area to display there work here and I have the months of December 2012 and January 2013. Yea, it's a long way off, but still excited. And this way, I can create more current pieces like this one:

Dead Leaf with Stick



I will keep you posted on that event as we draw closer......

The Canine Art Guild is soon to post it's latest people's choice show and this is one of my entries:

2 Mastiffs

5x7 inch watercolor and colored pencil

The theme is Ying and Yang which always meant perfect balance to me. I remember these dogs from a cook out that I went to years ago and they were the best of friends with each other. They balanced each other. Keep your eye out on the CAG website... the show will be posted by the end of this month.

And lastly, I will be exhibiting my work at the Allston/Brighton Street fair on Sunday September 25th in Allston right on Harvard Street. It's a huge block party with art, food and live music. I'm doing this show because I want people to know that Allston is just not a nasty college ghetto for Boston University and we have much more to offer the world besides bad hipster sightings. So I think for this show I'll be exhibiting a mix of work, but all current stuff done with in the last year. I don't know if I'll even put some magnets out.... maybe. But it won't be all pet portrait focused. In fact, I would love to display paintings like this one:

Gut Girl

10x8 black watercolor

we shall see.....

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