Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kitten Art & Shows

If you don't love kittens, well, then you're no friend of mine. Just kidding, but really kittens are adorable :). Here are 2 of my latest out of the kitten art collection.

White kittens

watercolor & prismacolor pencil


3 Kittens 4 Bowls

watercolor and prismacolor pencil


I have been taking a break with outdoor shows. Back in 09-10, I did about 1 to 2 shows a month and I have to admit, I got burnt out.

Highlights of art fairs is that you meet people who are interested in your work. You get to talk about your work and in my case, your pets. You get to collaborate and meet other artists. You get tips on where all the other "good" shows are. And of course: Commissions and Sales

Downsides of art fairs is the weather is always unpredictable. I don't mind the rain as much as I mind the wind. The lugging of all your display and art from one town to the next. If your fortunate you'll have a great person next to you to watch your things while you go pee or whatever. But then sometimes you just have a person sitting there complaining. Most complainers talk about how there's no traffic at "this show". If I had a dollar for everyone who complained to me about a poorly attended show I'd be a rich woman. No doubt, I've had some pretty crappy shows but I try not to let it effect me anymore.

I used to do the South End Open Markets that happen every Sunday here in Boston. They were good, and from what I understand they're getting better. But for the life of me I can't get into these shows anymore and I think I know why. It was a rainy/windy day and my paintings kept falling off the display only to ding up or even smash my frames. Well, one point, I lost it. And I dropped a couple of F-bombs. Little did I know the organizer of the show was in the booth directly across from me. Now, I could be imagining things, but if I was the show organizer and I saw this woman across from me say F*CK! every time a painting fell I probably would feel the same way... We don't need this riff raff. So lesson learned.

This year I have entered my stuff in the Allston Street Fair that is happening on September 25th. It's a block party with live entertainment as well as food and art. I entered for 2 reasons. 1.) It's 5 minutes walking from my house

2.) Allston has this reputation for being a place where the hipsters hang out. College kids come in and live for a year or two and trash their apartments. I want to change that image. I've been living in Allston on and off for about 20 years. And yes, I was a college kid at the time I first came here. Allston has so much to offer! We are a mesh of all sorts of cultures from all over the world. We have a great music scene, a lot of restaurants in any ethnicity you can imagine and there is an art scene! So don't be a hater and come visit me at the Allston Street Fair.

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