Friday, August 17, 2012


Art can do a lot of things.

Olivia Pedrick

Ms. Olivia Pedrick is a 9 year old girl who paints pet portraits and gives all the money to rescue organizations. I found out about Olivia from a friend of mine who posted this article on my Facebook page.

This young lady has created quite a stir with her folky art portraits and the compassion that she has for helping the animals. Reminds me of me when I was a young girl.There was a few people talking about how giving gift certificates towards paintings isn't a good idea because the lack of customer base and actual sales will come from it are pretty low. That may be the case, but can we be more like Olivia and just do it for the doggies? I can only imagine what great things are in store for this young lady and her art career. Beautiful and admirable, Olivia.

Pussy Riot

Yesterday, 3 members of Pussy Riot, a Russian all girl punk band, were sentenced to 2 years in prison for performing their song on the steps of a Russian Orthodox Cathedral. Whether you agree with their methods or what they had to say, there is no justification in putting these girls to prison. If you want to listen to the song go here:
If you don't speak Russian and want to know what they're saying, here are the lyrics:

Punk-Prayer "Virgin Mary, Put Putin Away"


Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away

Рut Putin away, put Putin away

(end chorus) ...

Black robe, golden epaulettes

All parishioners crawl to bow

The phantom of liberty is in heaven

Gay-pride sent to Siberia in chains

The head of the KGB, their chief saint,

Leads protesters to prison under escort

In order not to offend His Holiness

Women must give birth and love

Shit, shit, the Lord's shit!

Shit, shit, the Lord's shit!


Virgin Mary, Mother of God, become a feminist

Become a feminist, become a feminist

(end chorus)

The Church’s praise of rotten dictators

The cross-bearer procession of black limousines

A teacher-preacher will meet you at school

Go to class - bring him money!

Patriarch Gundyaev believes in Putin

Bitch, better believe in God instead

The belt of the Virgin can’t replace mass-meetings

Mary, Mother of God, is with us in protest!


Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away

Рut Putin away, put Putin away

These women, and Olivia too, are creating a legacy with their art. A read a post from LuAnn Udell (FineArtViews newsletter) who wrote about "What we leave behind" just the other day:

"What matters, in the end, is the kind of life you strive to lead. The ripple effect of your actions in the world—the kindnesses, love, energy, opportunities you were given, and in turn gave to others, create wavelets that move far past our own seeing. We have to simply trust they carry our best intentions, wherever they go.

What comes after, whatever is made of our efforts, when we are gone, whatever it is those others who come after will understand, will be what serves their need, not ours."

What's my legacy? I may never know..... but it makes me want to create more art.

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