Thursday, August 23, 2012

Look, I'm Famous... (kinda)

My art and I made the local paper!!! Very nice article, thanks Jing for giving me the opportunity to bring my art and opinions to the village of Allston/Brighton. You can read it here: I started laughing when I read that I was "tearing up" when talking about Luna. She was such a mess when I got her LOL.

First Layer

I haven't even titled this piece and was having a issue deciding whether to do it in watercolor or oil. I settled with watercolor, but did a 2nd "trace" of the image in case I go back to oils. So maybe this is just a study? We shall see how this turns out.
T & I went on an equestrian vacation at the Icelandic Horse Farm up in Mad River Valley Vermont. The horses were wonderful, the inn was beautiful and the people were awesome. Of course I took tons of pictures and plan to turn them into paintings. Maybe make a themed show out of it someday....

If you ride, you should really check them out

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