Monday, February 4, 2013

Before and After

 Not going to apologize for not posting for a while. Things have been crazy lately. Going forward, I'm going to try posting once a week again.

I always have posted my paintings to my Facebook page The Pedigree Artist, Christine Winship, but some one recently asked for me to put up the photos that I've used in order to see what the difference was. So: this is the photo of my last commission:

Bed Buddies Photo

and here's the painting:

This painting was for the winner of my gift certificate for the PBRC (Pit Bull Rescue Center). They have an auction on Ebay every year and I've been donating to this cause for the last 4 years or so.

There are some things that as an artist we feel is necessary to change and some that is necessary to keep. Hence the reason why to get a painting done, right? I felt in this one, that the black on the blanket would loose the effect of fabric, so I omitted it. Then there's the dog's themselves. Some one who came over my house saw the painting first and when I showed her the photo, she said, "I didn't even SEE the little dog in the back. You make him stand out that much more." And the black n' white dog seems to be "floating" a little out of the painting. I think this adds to the dream likeness of this painting.... them being in bed and all :)

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