Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow dog

Some one asked me once to not only post my paintings, but post the photos that I work the commissions from. So here's Dublin, the Snow dog!

5x7 inches watercolor

Dublin's photo

the client had given me about 10 photos to choose from. After talking with the friend of Dublin's owner, he told me that a) this doggie is no longer with us and b) that he just loved being outside and was a big goofball. Typical golden, right? So I had to do the one with him in the snow. I didn't want to go overboard with the lattice on the porch, so I made it more of a pattern in the painting. And I didn't retort back to my pencils (trying to keep it strictly watercolor) so I had to break out the white watercolor to get the snow on the fur. There were many photos, like I said, and this photo with him in the snow didn't really capture his true golden color. This can show you how important to get more than one or two photos for reference!!!

I hope she loves it!

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