Monday, March 9, 2009

Another week falls into history and still, no orders. I'm thinking of dropping Ebay as it's not generating sales of any kind. You think that would be a hot spot because everyone's looking for a bargain these days. And I still haven't received the check or gift certificate from the woman who initially won one of my certificates in an auction and wanted a larger sized painting done of her dog. I've pretty much have written her off. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.
So last week, I've started sending in my applications for local art shows. I hope we're out of this funk by then, but at the same time.. this time with out orders makes me think that I get things around the house done? (yeah right) but I am in the process of actually painting a person (Oh my!) for my own portfolio. It's only 1/2 done and of course, I don't like it . Maybe when I start filling it in more.
I also have to get my taxes done this month. I wonder if I should even include the "Pedigree Artist" anymore. Isn't it like 5 years of filing and if you don't make any money that the IRS considers it a hobby? I think this my 4th year filing. *sigh*
In the mean time, my new kitty Luna is keeping me quite entertained between all the other crap in my life. I forget sometimes how silly cats can be, especially over a crumpled up piece of paper!! I'll post some pics as soon as I get that roll of film developed. Yes, I'm still 35 mm.

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