Monday, August 10, 2009

the aftermath

Well, another Heritage days is back of our minds. It was a pretty good weekend over all with the weather. There's no doubt that people are feeling a pinch in economy. There were a lot of people walking around but not much spending going on. The weather was gorgeous! My friend Dave (the Potter Stone - a ceramic artist) was able to make his booth and all from repeat customers in his first 3 sales! Myself, well, I came back negative $25.50. Poo.

Jason continues to ask me why I keep doing this. I guess it's an obsession? I don't know. I mean, I missed one of the biggest cookouts of the summer to go do this show. (but I think my liver is thankful for that one). And I slept on an air mattress on Saturday night; ugh so uncomfortable. And then we're looking for blankets (we stayed at his dad's condo) and Dave said, "Well, there's a couple of big towels here!" I said, "Really, Dave, I'm not that drunk" lol. I had a repeat customer come and visit me on Saturday. I had done a pet portrait for her back in '03(?) and since then, that dog has died. It was her sister's dog and sister has a new dog now and she was saying that she was going to come back on Sunday and give me a picture and a deposit and have one done for her sister's birthday which is at the end of August. I did see her on Sunday, but my booth was full of people and I was talking to some when I saw her walk by. We made eye contact and gave each other a friendly wave but that's it. Okay - so these are the downsides.

the Upside: People love my work. I get such a good feeling when people tell me I have incredible talent. "oh my god, these are water colors??? You're GOOD!" I did have a pair of women comment on my "Girls and Horses" painting. She really wanted it because it reminded her of herself and her sister. I don't have any prints (just too big to make the simple ones.) So it's a one of a kind piece for a mere $300. But alas, too much for a compulsive buy? I don't know. Hopefully someone will call me for a commission. I haven't had one since Christmas.

And congradulations to Mary Fisher of Cohasset on being the winner of the gift certificate for a 5x7" painting!!

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