Monday, August 24, 2009

I know that I'll be a successful artist someday.....

I just hope I'm alive to see it.

Why so somber on this Monday morning? Oh just another gallery rejection in my email box this morning. *sigh* This was for the Brush Art Gallery up in Lowell for the "Herding Cats" exhibit. A benefit fundraiser for homeless cats - right up my alley, right?! Well, I sumbited the 3 pieces shown in this blog and was rejected. The email says, "don't feel bad." but how can I not when I'm rejected more than accepted? mmmph.

This past week I was able to get that pet portrait out to Anne ( she was mentioned in the earlier post, a repeat customer from Scituate Heritage Daze) and sold a print off of Ebay. So that's good. And I spent the weekend in Vernon VT at the Connecticut river and did an acrylic painting between rain showers. This weekend was very much about hiding in the car and getting an ice cream as we waited for the thunderstorms and rain showers to pass by.

And I had a contact lense stuck in my eye ball from Sat afternoon til this morning when it finally peeked in the corner of my eye and I was able to pull it out. Damn thing folded and flitted up and over to the back of my eye. Thank God Jason had already agreed to driving home because I couldn't see a damn thing. I was thinking it just fell out but it felt like there was still some thing in there. I checked Sat night and Sunday morning pulling my eyelids out to see what was there and finally this morning "I knew it!" I said, as I fished it out. I really do hate those damn things. More and more I've been thinking of Lasik surgery.

This weekend we'll be going to Chester with a crew and it'll be interesting. Me, J, Bob, Kim and Phil and his wife and 2 kids. I'm thinking of picking up some coloring books for the kids so, God forbid if it does rain, we have some indoor activities for the tots. I think his kids are 5 and 2? Should be interesting.

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