Monday, August 31, 2009

The Waning Summer

According to the calender that the rest of the world follows, summer comes to a close this week as the kiddies head back to school. I do not have children or am a student so it's summer to me until Sept 21st!! Wheee! I do remember as a child hating this time of year, too bored to be at home and dreading the upcoming school year. I didn't hate school so much as I hated the fact I had to get up so early to catch the school bus! I still hate getting up early.
But because of the school year schedule that we've warped our minds to, this also represents more of a New Years feel to me than actual New Years Day. New commitments, schedules, clothes new new new. Unfortunately I really don't have a new schedule and lord knows I can't afford a new wardrobe regardless of how bad I want one. But new commitments are on the rise.
JP Open Studios is happening the weekend of the 26th and 27th of September. I haven't done this show yet and because it falls on my honey's birthday weekend, my friend Tracy (who is opening her house up for open studios) is volunteering to man my stuff for me so that J and I can have our get away weekend. THANKS TRACE!! I am going to continue to explore new avenues for my art. More on line marketing for sure. And continue to do the same talk talk talk about myself and my art to anyone who will listen!
I was also approached my a solicitor for New Art to have my work on their site. I've contacted an artist that is already featured on there to see if this is really worth while and what are the benefits vs. the pitfalls. Normally I think I would have jumped on it and dealt with any consequences later, but because this is a new year I'm going to take things a little more cautiously. Do you know of this site? If so please leave a comment and let me know how they are to work with.
Personal gripe this morning? I'm still experiencing vertigo from being in a boat all day yesterday on Quabbin reservoir. I just might keel over any minute! Argh!

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