Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Wrap Up


Well, as much fun as I had over the past year, I'm kinda glad it's over. Full of ups and downs 2011 was. I turned 40 (!), Jason lost his job, art sales and commissions were practically non existent. But this blog isn't about bitching, it's about celebrating. So lets go through the better parts :)

Wu Tang at the Wilber Theater, Boston

What better way to start off a show season with Wu Tang (if you want a great drinking game, go to a Wu show and drink every time they mention Ol Dirty Bastard... you'll be silly in no time!) Other shows included Mastodon, Deftones, Helmet, the reunion of Honkeyball, Queens of the Stone Age, A Perfect Circle, Clutch, Wrought Iron Hex (which is J's band and probably one of the best things to come out of 2011) Gut, All Dinosaurs, Ella Riot, Sherman Burns (another 2011 discovery!) the Lepers, the Kills, Corrosion of Comformity, Taiwan Typhoon (so freakin' awesome) Motorhead, Twilight Singers, Planetoid, X, Gozu, Explosions in the Sky, Give Up, White Denim, Rival Schools, Doomriders, Opeth, Helmet, Black Thai, Karma to Burn, Beneath the Stone and Black Helicopter. Of course there were more, I just don't remember your names LOL... Yes, as you know love watching live music. For 2012 I'm already have tickets to Mission of Burma, Tool and the Kills.. Love this town. :)

Chester's front yard February 2011

If you were in the northeast this past winter of 2011, I don't have to tell you the obscene amount of snow we received. Jason and I spent a lot of weekends going to Chester and working on maintaining feed for the deer that were there. Cutting small trees so that they can eat the browse is mostly what we did. There were times I was stuck in snow drifts up to my hips. And living in the city with no driveway wasn't all that fun either. I hoping that this year won't be so nasty, but we've only just begun!

Shed Antler found in Boxford MA

If you don't know, white tail deer drop their antlers every winter after the mating season is over. Jason and I will go out looking for them in the woods every year from March to May. They don't last as rodents will eat them for the calcium and they are difficult to find. J's been on a roll lately and will usually find them all where I find none... until this year! I wandered down to the swamp on my parents property and finally found my first shed! I also had about 7 tics on me too. Gross.

Me and Heidi at Black Thai, April 2011

2011 and Heidi. Unfortunately, one of my closest friends has gone and moved to LA. She got a job offer she couldn't refuse. We made some serious waves in 2011 together. Best of luck, H. Love you.

Dead Leaf & Stick

16x20 Acrylic

I really started to explore more acrylic this past year and this piece I think was the best that came out of the experimentation. This will also be on exhibit at the Turners Falls Discovery Center in December 2012 and January 2013. Santa Tracy also bought me some water based oil paints for Christmas and I'm so excited to use them!!

Me, June 2011

So in Feb 2011, I was accepted into the Cambridge Y Weight Challenge. Like Biggest Loser, except instead of measuring pounds lost, this was measured for fat percentage lost. I came in second with 14lbs of fat lost, 8 lbs of muscle gained and went down from a size 12 to an 8. I had always been going to the gym, turns out I just was eating the wrong things at the wrong time of day. I felt like I broke a secret code and couldn't be happier. I mean, look at those biceps!! I'm so much stronger and feel so much better now. The only thing I've really stopped eating is potato chips and heavy beers (ie. Sierra Nevada). Bud lights and/or Crown Royal from now on! LOL

Glacier National Park Montana
June 2011

Me and J

GNP June 2011

So, this past June I turned 40 and Jason and I celebrated by making a trip to the Northern part of Montana. It was a great trip and it was made better by being with the love of my life! The whole trip was a "constant upgrade" from our rental car, lodging and we managed to see some grizzly bears. I can't tell you how badly I want to go back!!

My Boots!
Nothing significant, just love a good leopard print :)

My Art at the Douglas Paul Real Estate Office

Allston MA

Unfortunately, the selling of art and commissions wasn't that great in 2011. So, I focused energies elsewhere and was able to hang my work in the Douglas Paul real estate office for the Allston Art walk that happened in September. I also met some people like Alana Olsen, the head of the Allston Villages program, who are working hard to clean up and culture our little neighborhood. I also became heavily involved in the Allston Open Studios and hope these efforts will make Allston less like a drunken college town and more like a funky hip place where people can see art and hear music. This is an ongoing effort for sure!

My space at the Allston Open Studios

November 2011

Lucy and her portrait

Lucy's owner Chris C was the winner of my gift certificate for a 5x7" pet portrait that I donated to PBRC (Pit Bull Rescue Center) She sent me this picture after the holidays and I love it! Lucy's such a good dog!

So I'm excited for 2012. I've always felt that the "even" years tend to be a bit tamer than the odd ones so,

Here's to 2012

May it be the best year yet!

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