Monday, January 16, 2012

What are you still holding on to?

"Beau With A Toy"

a birthday card for my mother

It's Mum's this month and I didn't have to dig very far for reference as this image was on the top of my photo stack. Beau passed in January 2007 but still remains one of my most beloved subject matters as he was such a handsome and still a very silly dog. I have taken so many photos of him over the years, and being such a handsome golden, most of the paintings that I have done with him have been my most popular. There are a few that I will not sell as they are too close to my heart. My mother has quite a collection herself.

I did this painting with watercolor on 250lb cold press Arches watercolor. I used to buy the ready made watercolor cards that you could just paint on, but after using them for some time, I feel that they aren't think enough or have enough "tooth" so a lot of the paint doesn't stay. But if they were thicker, they'd probably be more expensive.

Of course, I can't get rid of any supplies that I have purchased or were given to me over the years. There was one time I donated some things to an art class for an elementary school but I think that was mostly markers. I still hold on to everything and with the Creative Group still in full swing I usually take that time to use the different mediums. I still have charcoal from art school! But I still use it!!

What about you? Do you have a tough time letting things go? or is your life clutter and art supply free? I can only imagine.....

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